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    10 Best Weight Loss App for Seniors

    Just because you’re 60 doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need to track your health anymore. It’s at 60 that you’ve just started enjoying your free time as a retiree, so you’ve got to make sure you’re healthy enough to have fun. This also means keeping better track of your health, which involves losing weight to avoid a lot of health risks such as diabetes and heart conditions. And if you consider yourself tech-savvy, there are actually a ton of apps that can help you achieve your goals.

    10 Best Weight Loss App for Seniors

    1. Are you looking for a nutrition app? 

    Weight-loss isn’t just about exercise, it has a lot to do with diet as well. If you want to enjoy your retirement after moving to your retirement home with movers NYC, you need to make sure you’re in tip-top shape. There are actually nutrition apps that focus on your calorie intake, which is a good addition to your physical activity.

    MyFitnessPal is a free fitness and health app that touts itself as the leading app in terms of tracking your activity. However, perhaps its best feature is its ability to help you track what your eat. Its built-in food diary helps you track your calories and your other goals in terms of food. It has a database with a whopping 6-million foods into it, so you’ll likely find everything you’re eating there. 

    Lose It! is a freemium app that allows you to track your weight and calorie intake with the help of experts. It has over 7-million food in its database, and can help you go for a specific goal in mind by analyzing your age, weight, and objectives. A useful feature of the app is that it can help you identify exactly how much you’re eating just by taking pictures of your meals as well. 

    SparkPeople is another food-related app that allows you to track your exercise, weight, and meals. It’s also user-friendly, which makes it perfect for any age. Its built-in scanner also allows you to effectively keep track of food you eat, as long as they’re packaged. 

    Google Fit and Apple Health are apps designed specifically for Android and iOS devices, respectively. They’re able to track steps, your calorie count, and even your sleep levels. These apps are great if you want an overall health app that allows you to track various aspects of your health, especially if you’re on maintenance or if you need to reach particular numbers in your diet.

    2. Are you looking for a fitness app?

    They say abs are built in the kitchen, which pertains to the role of diet in weight loss. Preparing and eating healthy food is awesome if you’re just moved your appliances to your new kitchen with moving companies NYC. However, you can also lose a huge chunk of your weight through exercise. Here are some apps that can help you do this.

    Fitbit isn’t just a smartwatch, it’s actually a fitness app. If you have the spare cash, investing in a Fitbit band can be one of the best health investments you can make because of how efficient the Fitbit is. One of the best features of Fitbit is its ability to accurately track your steps, which helps if you’re into walking. Aside from that, Fitbit can also track your nutrition and weight as well.

    C25K or Couch to 5k is perfect if you’re looking for a handy running app. As the name implies, this app is perfect for those new to running and jogging. You can use the app as it is to track steps, but it also has the ability to help you build the stamina you need to get through your first 5KM run.

    7-Minute Workout is an app that lets you get a fast and easy way to work out. If you want to experiment with different methods of working out, you can use this app and its 72 exercise variations to get the kind of workout you want. Most importantly, you can use all these variations to customize and modify them to your needs - giving you thousands of options to choose from. 

    3. Are you looking for a lighter app? 

    You don’t necessarily have to push your body too much just to lose weight. If you don’t think you can manage intensive physical activity, you can actually still lose weight through lighter physical activity. Here are some apps that can help you do so. 

    SimplyYoga proves that you can do relaxing exercises and lose weight. Yoga is a popular exercise that is perfect for any fitness level, and you can start through the help of apps. SimplyYoga is the app you need to get you through a yoga workout, be it for a full hour, 40 minutes, or even 20 minutes. Yoga is perfect if you want to help your body be more flexible, nimble, and stronger - and it’s friendly for all ages. 

    FatSecret is your typical weight management app. You can monitor your weight and your food intake. However, what makes this a lighter app is its built-in chat feature. This allows you to interact with other people, get inspired, join groups, and connect with others that have similar goals. This can be a great source of motivation.

    Pact is weight loss with a twist. If you have some spare cash with you, you can wager $0.30 to up to $5.00 on your exercise goals. If you finish your workout goals in time, you get paid money. Meanwhile, you lose your money if you miss out on your workout goal.

    Seniors And Weight Loss: Apps Can Make A Difference:

    Remember, if you want to maintain or get into shape while being 60, you can also rely on your handy smartphone and some apps to help you achieve these goals. However, before you get your journey started, it might help to consult a doctor or a medical professional, so you know exactly what you can and can’t do while working out. 

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