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    Chic, Designer Punjabi Suits for All Occasions

    Become the Punjabi kudi that you always wanted to be, with contemporary designer salwar kameez suits! During earlier years, only the womenfolk of Punjab, Haryana and other northern states favoured this outfit. Today, it has become the rage from North to South and East to West! Age and body type no longer matter. The ethnic Punjabi suits show up at casual affairs, parties, celebrations, weddings, etc. To sum up, they have become an integral and inseparable part of Indian culture.

    Chic, Designer Punjabi Suits for All Occasions

    The Evergreen Patiala:

    You are bound to be astounded by the ‘live’ variety on display, if you should ever step into a college campus, attend a corporate event, or a traditional celebration! The Patiala suit is no longer, what it used to be in earlier days, wherein homemakers favoured it for comfort and easy movements. Instead, it has taken on a contemporarily glamorous hue, with the age factor being relegated to the background.

    The Evergreen Patiala

    Originating from Patiala in the northern state of Punjab, its distinctiveness reveals itself in the pattern of the kameez/kurti. The top goes just above the knees, sporting all kinds of wonderful sleeve patterns, necklines and hemlines. As for the salwar, it comprises of loads of pleats, awarding it a rather baggy appearance. Thus, there is both, roominess and elegance.

    Stylish Dhoti:

    Oh, my, who would have ever thought that the Indian salwar kameez could appear so gracefully sophisticated? Well, a look at the dhoti-style salwar should suffice to clear all your doubts! It is ethnic in style, yet incredibly feminine and sexy, especially if the fabric is just right!

    Stylish Dhoti

    Of course, dhoti pants have a number of pleats too. However, every pleat keeps moving straight up, albeit one after another. Then again, the gathers are spread all along its length, and not gathered at the bottom like the Patiala salwar. Pair the dhoti pants with a top that displays a boat neck and a deep back. Alternatively, you may love to show off your well-toned back via a backless style. Complete the picture with traditional jewellery.

    Outlandish and Hep:

    Do you have the confidence and the silhouette to carry off a top with multiple slits? This type of kurti will have openings in the front and on the sides. The kurti’s length may go down and down, even going up to the ankles, if you so wish! Check out what suits your personality the best, with regard to prints, cuts, decorations, hemline, neckline, sleeves, etc. With regard to the bottom, however, a pair of pants would be best, for highlighting the magnificence of your kurti. Let the hues be pastel, vivid, preppy, etc! The accessories must complement the outfit.

    Outlandish and Hep

    Have you visualised yourself in a cute-looking top patterned like a frock and displaying pleats and frills beginning from the abdominal line? If you can carry it off, then do so! Team the top with a contrasting salwar and a quirky dupatta boasting of sequin work or pom-poms.

    Classically Traditional:

    The desire to initiate a fashion trend may prompt you to go for the ghagra-kameez/kurti or the skirt-kameez style. The lengthy top aids in the vivid display of pleats on the ghagra, especially as you whirl and twirl around the room, greeting people! The colour combinations are astounding, as are the prints and patterns. They are generally created from brocade.

    If not the ghagra, let it be the sharara! This bottom comprises of a parallel pair of pants until the thigh line, after which, it begins to flare out. Thus, by the time the cloth reaches the ankles, it becomes loose and baggy, specifically along the calf line. The kameez/kurti is mid-length, ending at the hip line.

    Classically Traditional

    The womenfolk of Haryana and Punjab have always adored wearing short jackets over the kameez/kurta/kurti. The top stretches to the knees, or even beyond it. Full sleeves are essential, if you want to highlight the charm of the short jacket with its intricate embroideries or dori patterns. Alternatively, you may go for denim or Jaipuri jackets. Even button plackets and good-looking pipe patterns on the jacket are in trend. Of course, if you prefer a pseudo jacket, which is already attached to the kameez/kurti, you are welcome to do so. Pair it with chic-looking accessories!

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