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    Instant Tips Why Is My Laptop So Slow

    Do you want to know how to make your laptop faster? You are at the right place. No matter whether your laptop is old or new, a Windows PC or a Mac-Book, using a slow laptop is such a frustrating experience.  

    Yes, when you are consistently using your laptop, then you may notice that it become slow. The slow laptop doesn’t allow you to work efficiently. No doubt the slow laptop takes more time to execute any program and even don’t allow processing any command. But there is no need to worry more – fortunately there are hundreds of ways through which helps to speed up laptop within no time. Before knowing the solution, you should be aware of the reasons behind this problem.

    Instant Tips Why Is My Laptop So Slow

    Why Laptop Running Slow – The Top Reasons:

    There are several numbers of reasons that make your laptop slow:
    Too Little Storage Space – Yes, space does matter, if you consistently add files to your laptop, then your hard drive gets full up. It is disrupting the speed of the laptop. As a result, your laptop isn’t able to execute commands efficiently

    You Might Have a Virus – if your laptop infected by some virus, then it slow down the performance. You should run anti-virus to get rid of infected files

    If you don’t have better broadband connection. You need to check out the broadband speed with the internet speed checker tool

    If your operating system is outdated, then it will also slow down the speed of your laptop

    If there is too much software installed in your laptop

    Well – Give a read to this article and unfold the question of how to make your laptop faster. If you are a professional user, then there is essential to know about some tested ways to speed up laptop. Stop worrying! Here are some best ways through which you can make laptop faster. According to Howtoclean.info, if your laptop running slow, then you ought to fix it immediately otherwise it disrupting your work.

    How to Make Your Laptop Faster – Efficient Ways:

    Get ready to know about some tested ways which help to make laptop faster.

    Check for System Updates:
    You need to check out the system updates. In short, you should update windows release updates of each month. It helps to fix the bugs and even speed up your laptop and allow to run smoother and efficiently.

    What You Have to Do?
    Select the Start menu
    Update and Security
    Windows Update 
    Check for Updates

    Limit The Number of Startup Programs:

    Maybe you know that when you start your laptop, several programs are running automatically. Yes, these programs slow down your laptop. So, you should terminate these programs immediately and make the laptop faster.

    Run A Security Scan:

    It is a very important thing that you should have to do to speed up a laptop. You ought to run a security scan as it helps to get rid of all the junk files and “those files which badly infects the performance of the system.”

    It is the very common reason that makes your laptop slow. Aside from laptop performance, it also leaves the bad sector on your hard disk. So, you ought to run a registered anti-virus to remove the bad sectors.

    The Final Words:

    You can follow these tips and boost up the performance of any laptop:
    First of all, you ought to quit all the background programs.

    There is a need to close the unnecessary files, browser tabs and program which doesn’t belong to your work.

    There is a need to restart your laptop routinely.

    You should update your system routinely, to get the best speed.

    Additionally, you can extend the RAM and exchange your hard drive with SSD “Solid State Drive.”

    Thankfully – follow the above steps and increase the speed of your laptop within a couple of minutes.

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