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    10 Best Offline Action Games for Android

    What everyone wants in this busy world is a moment of relaxation and enjoyment. With this being said, one of the easiest and most accessible way to acquire this is by playing games on your mobile phone. However, what if you don’t have enough mobile data to do so?

    Good news, there are mobile games that you can play offline! If you are looking for the best and most enjoyable mobile games for you, here are the 10 of the best offline action games for every android users!

    10 Best Offline Action Games for Android

    1.  Critical Ops:

    Known as one of the best android offline game, Critical Ops is a multiplayer first-shooter video game that is developed by Critical Force. The beta game was released in September 2015 and the full version was released in November 2018.

    Critical Ops has a gameplay with a fast-paced FPS that will definitely test anyone’s tactical skills. This offline game has two modes; the Defuse Mode and the Deathmatch Mode.

    In the Defuse Mode, the terrorists team will try to plant a bomb and should successfully detonate it. On the other hand, the Deathmatch Mode requires every player to compete for a maximum number of kills within a given time frame.

    2.  Alto’s Adventure:

    Another great offline action game for android users is Alto’s Adventure. It is a never-ending runner snowboarding video game that is developed by Snowman. This is one of the games that you cannot ignore as the game is quite light in terms of size and runs smoothly on every device.

    Alto’s Adventure is all about a journey across the wilderness, mountains, and abandoned lands. The twist in this game is that you are required to rescue llamas while still be able to survive in harsh conditions by means of jumping and doing certain tricks all throughout the game. Additionally, you also need to achieve goals, competitive high scores, and upgrades.

    3.   Unkilled:

    If you are looking for an action game that involves zombie killing, then Unkilled is your best bet. This game was created and developed by Madfinger Games, which was released on September 2015. Unkilled is distinguished as the successor of Dead Trigger 2.

    Unkilled has a multiplayer, special ops, and extra long storyline features in the game. The gameplay of Unkilled is that you have to survive in an apocalyptic era which has the most terrifying zombie outbreak. The player will be part of a private military organization which has the goal to find, track, and eradicate the threat that is going on. However, before you can do this, you need to explore streets, sewers, and subways of New York which are infested by zombies.

    4.   Geometry Wars 3:

    One of the most enjoyable offline games to play offline is Geometry Wars 3. This is because it is packed with more than a hundred action-packed levels that every user can play from.

    In Geometry Wars 3, every player is required to travel on three-dimensional maps. Additionally, there are also 15 other 3D grips and 12 battle modes to choose from. Geometry Wars 3 can be played on all devices - from mobile phones to tablet devices.

    5.   Space Grunts:

    If you are looking for a problem solving game, then Space Grunts is the game for you. This game begins with various intergalactic problem solvers that are set to investigate a certain matter. One of which is one of the moon-bases that has been constantly sending distressing signals.

    Your job as a Space Grunt is to go to the moon-base and figure out what exactly is happening. However, before you can do that, you have to overcome challenges and obstacles with aliens, security drones, robots, and base systems.

    6.   Xenowerk:

    Another best mobile offline game that is offered to android users is Xenowerk. This shooter type of game will challenge and hone your combat skills in an underground science laboratory. Your mission is to battle, kill, and overcome mutants and to survive all throughout the games. Any player will not get tired of this game easily as there are over 70 different levels in this game.

    7.   Into The Dead:

    Into The Dead is another zombie game that every zombie addicts will love to play. This game begins with you being thrown in a zombie world wherein you are expected to fight and survive against all odds. The goal is for you to stay alive, move as fast as you can, and protect yourself from any harm that will come your way. Remember, when the Dead starts to rise - all you have to do is run!

    8.   Sky Force Reloaded:

    If you are looking for an all-around offline action game, then you have to play Sky Force Reloaded. This game allows you to shoot from top to bottom. In addition, this game also combines classic arcade elements that are has the current technology.

    9.   Implosion Never Lose Hope:

    Implosion Never Lose Hope features console-level graphics and an intense gameplay for every action game lovers out there. This game will definitely keep any player at the edge of their seat all throughout as you are required to battle against a mysterious being that is known as the XADA.

    10.   Duet:

    One of the most impressive minimalist offline game in mobile, Duet is a game that will require you to control vessels in synchronization throughout the duration of the game. The game has 8 chapters with stunning graphics and a nerve-racking gameplay.

    Key Takeaway:

    Here are 10 of the best offline action games that you can play on your mobile phone. This will not only make your time more enjoyable, hence, it will also help you in honing your gaming skills.

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