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    5 Celebrities Who Follow Fashion Passionately

    Undeniably, the world of Hollywood is responsible for dominating the fashion industry and for transforming the fashion! fashionistas can't simply deny the influence of Hollywood on what they wear. Hollywood fashion designers have their own way of introducing fashion to the world by transforming it so much that it becomes a trend. For better or worse, one has to admit, the global cinema impacts hugely the world of style and fashion. Moreover, the dominance of Hollywood on the global population can be recognized by the fact more than half of the fashion wears found in shopping malls have been influenced by the global cinema. In this article, we will discuss five celebrities that follow fashion passionately and adopt fashion beyond the limit.

    1.  Tom Hardy:

    Tom Hardy

    Could you name the celebrity who despite having a bald head with a goatee looks hot at the same time? In case you couldn’t, then I guess you didn't read the title well. I am talking about none other than Tom Hardy. The handsome English Actor is known for making no compromise over his fashion! No means no compromise at all. It is quite rare to see him walking on the red carpet wearing any old styled dress. Whatever the brown-haired actor puts on becomes a trend that his fans follow, don't believe? Check out the Tom Hardy Venom Leather Jacket! Whether it comes to suits, Silhouettes or even trousers, it is absolutely sensible to admit this guy has got the dress sense. In short, he knows better than Robert Downey, JR on how to dress properly and distinctively, lol. 

    2.  Gary Oldman:

    Gary Oldman

    It Seems like Englishmen have their own taste of fashion which is remarkably different than the men from the rest of the world. Talking of fashion, it's absolutely impossible to exclude Gary Oldman. For an instance, check out Gary Oldman's photos while holding the Oscars awards. At the very first glimpse, you will be forced to admit, he was born to put on sunglasses in a fashionable manner like no other. The 60 years old tall and handsome man, unlike others, never hesitates to look more unique than the crowd. It wouldn't be wrong to say, he is the oldest trendsetter who has become an inspiration for many of the fashionistas. If you find one of your friends scrolling through Oldman’s fan page to get some fashion tips, don’t be surprised at all. 

    3.  Zac Efron:

    Zac Efron

    Correct me if I am wrong? I haven't covered Zac yet. Well, after discussing the English dominance in the world of fashion, it’s time to recognize Americans too have the sense to dress, at least to some extent. Talking of fashion, there aren't that many actors who can compete with Zac Efron. We already know how many times his photo in that blue jacket has been shared on the internet. His casual style is something the young fashionistas do follow him the most for. The young actor seems to be advancing his fashion skills by surprising the audience after every single appearance. Not to ignore his amazingly attractive facial features that have become an increasingly important factor in looking totally macho and supporting his dressing. On the internet, you can find tons of blogs and articles written on Efron’s style and fashion guide which simply indicates his expertise in the said field. 

    4.  George Clooney:

    George Clooney

    At even 57, one of the most successful Hollywood celebrities, George Clooney seems to be unstoppable. The macho man finds it no hard to inspire his millions of fans by dressing up fascinatingly and that too while maintaining handsomeness. Some may credit his exceptional acting skills behind his fame while others may claim his fashion skills to be the reason for his popularity. There have been many Fashionistas in Hollywood, but Clooney’s fashion taste is absolutely better than the rest. The tieless looks of the gentleman do often make it to the front page of the newspapers making a lot of young girls go crazy. 

    5.  Johny Depp:

    Johny Depp

    John Christopher Depp aka Johny Depp is yet another inclusion in the list of most fashionable celebrities. As compared to other celebrities, the 55 years old actor is known to make a less frequent appearance in public. Now it’s pretty common to acknowledge, when he walks the red carpet, his dressing style makes it to the headlines. Although, Depp does not seem to be spending much on fashion, yet he still can grab the attention of even the critics due to the fact he dresses quite impressively and appropriately.

    Author bio: I am a Houston based writer working for New American Jackets! My stories revolve around trending fashion and style. I take a keen interest in what's going on in the fashion industry.

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