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    10 Habits To Stay Healthy and Fit

    Your health defines your behavior. In this busy life, and with the new corporate structure jobs, physical fitness is at stake. Staying healthy is very important especially when you don’t work that hard, physically. Here are a few easy habits that can help you to stay healthy.

    10 Habits To Stay Healthy and Fit

    10 Habits To Stay Healthy and Fit

    1.  Make Time For Regular Exercise:

    Exercising daily is very important. Take out at least half an hour daily for exercise. Practice simple movements and stretching and running. There’s no need to practice any vigorous work-out techniques. Just take up some simple tasks. Exercising can really help with good blood circulation. Metabolism is also improved. Muscles stay tender and strong with regular exercise. 

    2.  Have A Balanced Diet:

    Having a good nutrient-enriched diet is very important. Avoid consuming too much oil and sugar. Major health issues these days are diabetes and obesity, mainly caused due to fats and sugar. Your diet should be balanced with all the necessary vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals. It should be calorie rich enough to get you through your daily chores. 

    3.  Have A Healthy Breakfast: 

    Most people quit their breakfast or sometimes have an improper breakfast. Your breakfast should be high in calories to boost start your day, but at the same time, it should not be too stuffed. Fruits, dairy products, and juices are best to be consumed in breakfast. Start your day with a lightly packed meal. Lately, high fiber diets are recommended as they help with better digestion all day.

    4.  Clean Your Surroundings: 

    You can easily get infected by parasites and other pathogens if your surroundings are not clean. Recently, the ebola case that has caught the attention of the medical practitioners and the common man, is easily spread through dead and decaying non-human primates. So cleaning your surroundings is all the more important with so many new diseases and pathogens being discovered. There are more frequent cases of dengue and malaria being registered in hospitals than before. People that live in slum-like conditions are easy prey for the pathogens and parasites. 

    5.  Use Detox Oils And Fluids: 

    With the alarming rate at which pollution is rising, your body is becoming intoxicated more and more. Exposure to smoke, industrial wastes, and heavy metals in close vicinity are affecting and causing acute and chronic poisoning. Using detox oils such as tea tree oil or fennel oil can help detox the body and prevent poisoning. Using detox consumables not only helps with the cleansing of the body but also helps with better oxygen supply and blood circulation.

    6.  Avoid Alcohol And Other Substances: 

    Lately, substance abuse becoming a new global issue has brought light upon the related health issues. There is no doubt to it that any hallucinogen actually deteriorates health. Be it alcohol, be it marijuana, or any opioid, the effects on health are always adverse. Alcohol affects your liver, marijuana, and opioids affect the lungs and nervous system. There is no way that these substances are at all healthy. 

    7.  Maintain Good Social Health: 

    Your social health also affects your mental and physical health. Maintaining good social health in terms of finances, status, and relationships is equally important for your physical and mental health.

    8.  Practice Meditation: 

    Meditation is believed to be very helpful in treating mental illness. It not only treats but also prevents mental health issues. It helps to improve concentration and sets a cheerful mood.

    9.  Practice Yoga: 

    Alternate to exercise is yoga. If you do not like to work hard at all, you can choose yoga over exercise. This ancient Vedic science has helped people regain their health back to normal. With Yoga, you can stay healthy and fit for as long as you live, and believe me you are not going to die soon if you do yoga. It is believed to expand your lifetime by adding a few more healthy years to it. 

    10.  Have A Good-Night Sleep: 

    Your sleeping habits can intensely affect your health. Make a cozy and comfortable bed. Use a soft mattress and a pillow to support your body and head properly. Try to sleep early and wake up early. Have a good six to eight-hour sleep. Do not consume dairy products at dinner. Also, avoid having a high carb diet at dinner as it will hinder your sleep. 

    These habits are easy to inculcate and you will start feeling the difference immediately. Staying healthy is equal to being rich. As it is said, “Health is Wealth.” Start following these habits if you wish to live a long healthy life.

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