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    Top 10 Gym Fitness Equipments for Your Health

    Joining a Gym for the first time can be exciting. Being fit is the new in-trend thing. People are becoming more and more aware of the health concerns and are working out more and more to stay fit and young. If you have also joined the bandwagon and are going to enter the gym, you will feel as if you have entered into machine zones where you can see multiple numbers of machines and people using them to get fit. You sure must be curious about how to fit in with the regular gym going members. Do not panic if you have no idea about the equipment you see there. This machine zone can cause confusion and hinder your progress if you don’t have the knowledge of the various fitness equipment found in a gym.

    Top 10 Gym Fitness Equipments for Your Health

    Different Types of Fitness Equipment's:

    To make it a little easier for you who are first-timers; we have made a list of all the fitness equipment that you would commonly find in a gym. 

    1.  Cardio Machines: 

    Cardio Machines are the fitness equipment range in which falls the most popular range which comprises of treadmill, stationary bike, cross trainers. These are for your cardiovascular continuance. They come with settings options where one can manually set his resistance level depending on the need and caliber of the person.

    2.  Treadmill: 

    It is the most popular fitness equipment, used by people to burn fat and loses weight. It is the first exercise you will generally do when in the gym, it works as a good warm-up for your whole body before going hardcore. It is just the alternate of walking jogging or taking a sprint.

    3.  Elliptical or Cross Trainers: 

    Cross Trainers

    They are famous as they have a low impact on the joints. Used for running and climbing. It gives you full body workout.

    4.  Bikes: 

    These are stationary bikes and acts as an option for outdoor biking. Can be used by any just as a normal bicycle. Helps you burn calories.

    5.  Cable Pulley: 

    This comes under strength training. Using the cable pulleys one can do pull ups, pull downs or across and strengthen different muscles of the body. You attach weight to the machine and lift the same using pulley. These can be used to work various muscles of your body including arms chest and the back.

    6.  Weight Machines: 

    If you are looking for building arm muscles or toning the same, these are the machines which will help you out. It comes under hardcore workouts and is generously used by athletes or bodybuilders. But even if you are not any one of the two, you can still use it to tone your muscles. The key is to use less weight and more repetitions.

    7.  Free Weights: 

    Free Weights

    Dumbbells, Barbells, Rods comes under this category. They let you do motion exercises in which you focus on your upper body muscles. Exercises that can be performed using these are wide in range from triceps, to shoulder press and many more.

    8.  Aerobic Steppers: 

    This fitness equipment is mostly used to lose weight and used in jumping drills.

    9.  Abdominal Cruncher: 

    To tone your abdominal muscles, this is the best tool. To lose fat on your belly which is very stubborn fat this really works wonders.

    10.  Rowing Machines: 

    These machines help you to keep your heart and lungs in perfect shape. One can perform the good aerobic exercise using this. By using this machine, you will be burning more calories in less time. They are extremely active workout where most of your body part is working.

    This is a list of most commonly found machines in a gym. You may come across some new ones as well. Using this fitness equipment’s, you can help yourself achieve fitness goals and a toned body. Being fit is the new way to live. It helps you being immune to various illnesses and increases your metabolism as well. So, let us get ready and embark on the journey to get fit and healthy, be refreshed and enjoy working out.

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