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    Top Leading Internet Service Providers in the USA

    Internet services play significant role in serving man’s life in every aspect of life. We can see the role of this technology in education, jobs, building business, research. It did not leave any aspect which is not blessed with its services. It has made life of people much easier to spend. There was a time when local person with average income could not afford its services but now it has made cheaper to avail.  Due to its ease in availability and fastest source of communication, people now prefer to spend money on internet rather than any other technology services.There have been established new internet service providers companies in the USA. Some of the leading internet service providers are discussed below.

    Top Leading Internet Service Providers in the USA

    Charter Spectrum:

    Charter Spectrum is the award-winning internet service provider which is perceived for its wonderful deals and low-cost. By using Spectrum internet service provider, you are confess to connect wirelessly multiple devices, calmly surf and stream any content you need to see with astonishing internet speed. We also facilitate people with the Charter internet deals for home WI-FI.Spectrum internet delivers the fastest and most reliable in-home WI-FI.

    Spectrum internet is usually beneficial to parents and children in any family. It offers the best and fastest internet service which anyone requires to fulfill any productive work. The Working would need it in works tasks and children would need it for academic tasks. Spectrum internet introduced fiber internet for the accomplishment of such productive tasks which are mandatory to succeed in this fast growing society.

    It provides unlimited data usage.
    It is data-cap free.
    It costs starts 29.99 dollars per month for the period of one year when bundled.
    Stay connected via Spectrum Email
    You have the chance to get access to your email account details through any internet connection.
    You can have 10 email addresses along with the storage of 1GB for each email address.
    It works conveniently for all mail programs including Microsoft Outlook.

    Verizon Fios:

    Verizon is one of the leading internet service providers in the USA which is specifically recognized for its fastest and reliable internet speed and 100% fiber-optic network. It delivers the internet speed ranging from 100 Mbps to 940 Fios gigabit connection on a very reasonable rate according to the type of the package. There are some areas where Fios services are not available; DSL services are provided in those areas. Fios Gigabit connection has 2 years price guarantee. 

    Century Link:

    Century link delivers many products and services for the diverse business setups. They offer high-speed internet starting from 20 Mbps to 40 Mbps along with voice services. They provide these services for three types of business setups:

    The Small business consists of up to 10 employees
    The Medium enterprise
    The Services for the public sector

    It offers distinct Cloud services for your business which are as follows:

    Office 365
    Egnyte connect
    Secure online backup
    Site builder

    AT&T Internet:

    At&T internet service is one of the well-recognized internet service providers in the USA.  Its speed range lies from 5 up to 1000 Mbps which changes according to the nature of the deals. The Wi-Fi connection is fully secured with the help of anti-virus software powered by MacAfee. Some of its incredible features are mentioned.

    WI-FI gateway router
    Access to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot network
    AT&T smart home manager app and manage home WI-FI connection
    You can avail fiber internet
    You can use U-verse internet
    There is also the option to avail DSL internet service

    COX Communications:

    Cox internet service provider is a well-realized company in the USA. It is well-recognized for the marvelous and cheap internet bundles. There are many deals to meet the demands of diverse customers.Its speed ranges from 10 up to 1000 Mbps.

    Unique Specifications:

    Panoramic Wi-Fi can assist you in reaching internet signal to every corner of your home.
    You can have 500,000 plus Wi-Fi hotspots
    The Cox security suite powered by MacAfee
    You are allowed to keepup to10 email accounts
    You can get the chance to reboot your modem
    You are allowed to alter the security setting which suits you

    The internet deals offered by the Cox Internet:
    Cox internet starter 10
    Cox internet Essential 30
    Cox internet preferred 100

    Syed Azeem Haider is a writer of this article. He loves to write regarding new trends happening across the tech world. Azeem is presently working in Technologist360 as senior content manager. Technologist360 is an authorized reseller of Charter Spectrum (an award-winning cable TV, Internet Company of USA).

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