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    What are the Important Art Tools for Artists?

    There is a noticeable improvement in the art sector in the past decades. People today are opting for creative and challenging careers as compared to professional careers. The number of artists in different sectors is increasing day by day as the demand for modern art is at the peak. Simultaneously, the demand for various art tools for professional art tools is also increasing. Advanced art tools are used to give various effects be it basic or after effects.

    What are the Important Art Tools for Artists?

    Pencil tools used by artists:

    Pencils earlier were only used for drawing the basic design or model or else for sketching purpose, but today highly advanced and effective pencils are used for shading and after effects. There is a wide variety of pencils used but artist such as charcoal pencils, graphite pencils, water colour pencils etc. Depending upon the hardness, softness, brightness etc. of the pencils they are used accordingly. 

    Charcoal pencils: Charcoal pencils are made up of compressed charcoal and are usually used for making sketches and rough illustrations. As charcoal gives a deep and vibrant dark black effect, they are highly suitable for charcoal paintings.

    Graphite pencils: These pencils are the one which is made with graphite sticks and are used in drawing thick and bold lines. These pencils are usually used in huge art pieces.

    Water colour pencils: Coming to water colour pencils they look very similar to colour pencils but the procedure to use them is completely different. The lead of these pencils is colour based and water soluble; one needs to dip the pencil point in the water and use it to draw, and it can also be mixed with other colours.

    Use Crayons, Pastels and chalks:

    Unlike the earlier times, drawing /painting are not just limited to the use of simple pencil and water colours. Not only various types of pencils are used but other drawing and colouring material such as crayons and chalks. Chalks which artists use are not which are used on them, but they use coloured chalks to get the desired natural colour effects. Coloured chalks are usually used in landscape drawing. Also, different types of crayons such as oil colour crayons, lithographic crayons wax crayons etc. are used widely by artists. Majority of the artist prefer best Prisma color range for their respective art tools needs.

    Role of lead and paper:

    Paper or the base canvas used by the artist plays an important role in the effects of colours and pencils. Different materials reflect different colour resolutions. E.g. the effects of water colour may be different on a normal canvas, a drawing paper, cloth canvas etc. Hence the base on which a painting or drawing is made play a vital role in the whole outcome of the final effects. Similarly, pencils with different lead sizes have different effects on the artwork. The size and width of lead matters and should always be considered before using it.

    Artists use different art tools, and colour ranges in different artworks depending on the desired outcome they want. Some artworks may be a made with single art material while some can be a combination of both.

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