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    5 Tricks to Repeating Clothes to Work Without Anyone Noticing

    Even with a decent amount of clothing, the art of repeating outfits is old. Unless you have a bottomless closet, you too may have practiced this. 

    Gone are the days when it was easy to repeat your clothes - the days when it was socially acceptable that a person owns a few pairs of pants and two shirts. Today it’s so difficult to get away with wearing the same thing in the same month. In fact, some people have at least 30 pieces lined up in their closet!

    There is definitely a chic way to repeat outfits. What’s better is that nobody even notices that you are wearing the same clothes. 

    5 Tricks to Repeating Clothes to Work Without Anyone Noticing

    1. Everyone Has a Combination:

    If you always wear that one dress with that one necklace and shoes, it becomes easier for others to remember that you wore the same outfit before. You can easily make it seem like it’s a whole new look by mixing it up a bit, go for different accessories, different colored articles and maybe even shoes that make the focal point of your look. 

    2. Switch Your Hair and Makeup style:

    Most celebrities on the red carpet simply change their hair and their makeup look, and the entire world never notices that they are repeating an outfit until someone puts the two pictures together and makes an article out of it. 

    You never realize the power of a hairstyle.For example, having a messy bun can make you look elegant and ready for work, and having long voluminous waves make you look sexy. Adding a cat eye when you usually don’t just gives that vibe that you have a new look on. 

    3. Buy Basics:

    You want to invest in basic items of clothing in neutral hues. If you find yourself in a rut for repeating clothes at work, these are a lifesaver. You definitely need a pair of blue jeans with great fitting, the classic black dress, a navy blazer, and a white blouse. These fashion articles do wonders in disguising a repeated outfit because you can style them in a hundred different ways. 

    4. Use Jackets:

    Treat them like your armor for repeated style statements. Jackets and coats are exempt from the social taboo of repeating clothes… well, almost. The thing is that you can wear the same jacket as long as the weather permits it. With coats you can use the same coat styled a little differently to hide an outfit you wore earlier last week, for example donning it on your shoulders. Wear a shape wear underneath your clothes to appear more confident. 

    When it comes to shoes, you can repeat those too according to the sort of look you are going for.However, you must remember that wearing the same pair the next day accelerates the wear and tear on the material. 

    5. Your Pattern:

    Everyone has a top they like or a certain style that they cannot get enough of. Most of the time it’s so all the rage that you cannot help but buy more than a couple of outfits of the same design or printed pattern. This is a trap on making all those outfits feel like the same outfit even when you switch to a new one. So resist the urge to invest in the same look. 

    And there you have it. All the ways you can stay on top of your fashion game and mix up styles and wardrobe essentials to make it look like you aren’t repeating clothes for work. 

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