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    How White-Water Rafting Can Help You Raft through Corporate Problems!

    A big hello to all PR professionals out there!

    With the next quarter nearing, all of you must be wondering as to where to plan your next outing for your staff. Well, Kolad is a nice place to consider! With the Kundalika river flowing down the hills and the captivating Sahyadris surrounding it, this can surely be THE DESTINATION to check out.

    Well, here’s some more to it – Kolad is famous for its water-based activities, and white-water rafting Kolad along the 12.5 km stretch of Kundalika river cannot be missed! Now, now – the professional in you must be wondering as to what is that ‘X’ factor which white water rafting gives to the staff which could help them bond with each other (after all, company outings are for team building and bonding).

    To get an answer to that, you need to check out this article! Why wait? Read on –

    How White-Water Rafting Can Help You Raft through Corporate Problems!

    White-water rafting and team effort:

    To start off with, it is important to check out the stages of white-water rafting which will help team members to understand and coordinate with others. This formation of a team in challenging waters will help to deal with challenging problems of the boardroom as well. Here’s how –

    Stage 1: The beginning of a journey and the stage wherein initial bonding takes place.

    Stage 2: This is an intermediate stage with rapids and waterfalls to welcome you. A quick maneuvering proves great here, and team bonding starts off.

    Stage 3: This is an advanced stage wherein rapids are predictable, but precision is required. Experience is the key!

    Stage 4: The final stage where consequences can be severe and chances of rescuing the mission can fail.

    As a professional, you can very well figure out that not just in the waters but behind closed doors as well, such scenarios are common. 

    To ask for these qualities in a single individual is impossible, and that is where team -building and bonding comes to the fore. Therefore, the 1st mission accomplished.

    Some other aspects to develop via white-water rafting:

    The second point of this aspect is – preparing to go rafting! When a team will go rafting, they will need to keep the equipment in place. Wetsuit/helmet/buoyancy aid/footwear – keeping all this in order is a must!

    So, what will the team members learn from here? To keep the details ready when going in for presentation or an official meeting. When they will work as a team, these details will be inducted into their working system. Thus, the company trip can work both ways – help divert from the regular work pressure and also ensure better working procedure.

    Next – developing skills and maintain patience. These are another set of essential qualities, challenges of a white-water rafting can teach you!

    When faced with difficult rapids and waterfalls, how the leader and team correspond to contrive a plan all while maintaining a patience level, can be echoed within the boardroom as well. 

    Quite a sparkling discovery, is it not? So, all set to book tickets to Kolad? Have a safe and adventurous trip and hope you have a better team when you come back!

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