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    The Guide To Purchasing Well-Fitting Garments Online

    Online shopping is thrilling in its own way. You’ve got thousands of choices, great discounts, all in one place. Though the experience of smart purchasing helps you save a lot of money and precious time, things can go the other way if the clothes you order are in a different size than you wanted. You quickly go from an endorphin and adrenalin overdose to your tiny, sad and curled up self because no matter how old you get, disappointment over online shopping hits you hard.

    Since all websites and online stores have their somewhat own ways of measuring the size of the dress, it’s really hard to pick the right one. The stress of finding something you like, making the right choices and dreading the possibility of having to return it after you get it is quite excruciating. No you aren’t cursed and shouldn’t give up on online shopping forever; luckily, there’s a way around it. We can’t really promise that this will help you to always find the right size but with a little help and proper planning, you can definitely get it right.

    The Guide To Purchasing Well-Fitting Garments Online

    Get Your Measurements Taken:

    The most important step is to first figure out what size you are. You might have been a waist 34 some years ago but before you head on to spending money on clothes online, measure yourself again and keep updating it after 3 months or so.

    Different designers and labels often have their own version of sizes. One designer’s size 8 could be another one’s size 10. Though the whole point of measurements in inches is to keep a standard, many a times, brands don’t come through with that promise so the first and the most important thing to do is to be sure of what size YOU are and here’s how you do it:

    Let a Professional Help You:

    The best way to get your accurate measurements is to let a professional take them as you stand with a proper posture. Head over to your nearest clothing store and ask for your measurements to be taken, though the point of online shopping is to save time and fuel, but you can manage one trip for the greater good.

    Having your measurements properly taken by someone who does it on a daily basis is very important especially for women who don’t know how to work around different bra sizes. A little weight gain or loss could change your bra size and investing in an expensive bra that doesn’t fit is not only bad for your wallet but also for your breasts. Check out a lingerie or a clothing store and let them take your bra measurements as well as your waist. Keep them safe in your phone or a piece of paper for you to remember every time you want to shop.

    It helps if you have a seamstress in your area that could help in making alterations for you. They’ll always have your updated measurements and won’t have to take them over and over again every time something needs a stitch or two.

    Take them yourself

    If you have a busy routine and can’t seem to find the time to head over to a store, you can take the measurements yourself. Doing it yourself can get a little tricky because you have to be careful of a few things:

    1. Don’t suck in your gut when you’re taking the measurements. Be relaxed and breathe normally. Keep your back straight and your tummy normal, not too protruded out and not too sucked in.

    2. Don’t tie the measuring tape too tightly and don’t let it be wrinkly, that could change the accuracy of the results.

    3. Ask a friend, partner or a family member to help you take your measurements.

    What to take measurements of?

    Usually, when you’re looking to buy bottom-wear like jeans or shorts, you’re mostly only concerned with the height and waist, but there are other areas that require your attention as well;

    For men:

    Chest size
    Sleeve length
    Neck size

    For women:

    Bust and proper bra size

    Size Charts:

    Now that you’ve got all your measurements, it’s time to head to the charts. Different retailers have different ways to organize their size charts. Their “large” might not be the large you’re used to so it’s always a good option to see the size charts and compare.

    If you’re shopping for a custom fit, that’s even better. Even custom fits online tend to go wrong based on the information people put in so be sure you take your measurements correctly and go in depth of the size, inches and centimeters of each and every thing. Websites might sell one item from one brand and then another item from a completely different brand and since the size charts may vary, be sure to check that out.

    There are many brands that offer to comply with any problems regarding your size but it’s always safe to check out the charts and not go through the process of returning and getting it fixed later on.

    Make Notes:

    Make notes and scribble down the details of the brands and retailers once you’re done. This will help you keep all the sizes in one place and save you a lot of time when you decide to shop from them again. 

    One thing you need to get yourself into is reading reviews. It might seem like something very tedious but it’s a great way to understand and get all the possible information about a certain type of clothing. Leave comments under reviews and if you find someone who is the same size as you are, you’re the lucky one!

    Two for one:

    This might seem slightly odd but if ever you’re confused between two sizes, check the return policy of the brand and order them both. That way once you receive them, you can try them on and return the one that doesn’t fit. It will give you an idea of what size you are for that particular brand.

    Happy (online) shopping!

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