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    Need to Know About Inspection of Laminar Flow Hoods

    Laminar flow hoods are used to provide filtered air to avoid contamination in laboratories or research facilities. High efficiency Particulate Air filter, popularly known as HEPA filter is used to filter the air. This sterile air that is introduced has same velocity and flows in one direction only. The clean benches or Laminar flow hood help keep the sample of the experiment safe from all kinds of outside contamination. The direction of airflow in these clean benches is such that while it does keep the sample safe, it does nothing for the safety of the user. The user is open to contamination and should be careful of the radiations.

    Like every other device that we use in a laboratory or a healthcare pharmacy or even in a hospital, it also needs inspection from time to time. Maintenance of all devices is of utmost importance. Clean benches require extra taking care and thus inspections of the same happen frequently.

    Need to Know About Inspection of Laminar Flow Hoods

    All testing should be done with proper calibrated instruments and it should be at par with industry standards. Not only laminar flow hoods requires maintenance and inspection even its accessories like HEPA filter, Pharmacy Compounding Isolators, Clean Air Work stations, Clean Room Unidirectional Zones also requires the same maintenance and inspection.

    Guidelines are established by IEST -002, ISO 14644 to ensure that the products are up to the mark. Every accessory are tested individually, and the reports too are individually documented. 

    What needs to be inspected?

    Air Velocity Profile: Checked to avoid contamination of air.
    Integrity Testing of HEPA Filters: Existing HEPA filters are tested to avoid any kind of leakage which may lead to contamination
    Non-Viable Particle Counting:
    Air Testing 
    Surface Testing
    Airflow Visualization Profile
    Measurement of Temperature and Relative Humidity
    Vibration Testing
    Induction Leak Testing
    Sound Level Measurement and Testing

    Most manufacturers recommend an annual testing but in lot of industries and facilities frequent check-ups are recommended. Depending on the usage of the laminar flow hoods, or the industry that it is being used in, maintenance can be recommended semi-annually or even quarterly. It is industry specific the inspection of any laminar flow hood and its various accessories.

    It is highly advisable that a laminar hood is kept on 24 hours, if for any reason it turns off then first it should be cleaned properly by turning it on for at least 30 minutes and then to be used again.

    These inspections are required from time to time to avoid contaminations or leakage in the laminar flow hood. It is very important that the facilities which use these laminar flow hoods should keep a regular check on it. Laminar flow hoods work to prevent contamination. In the case of leakage of any kind of radiation or any such unwanted rays, it could be hazardous for the people working there. Their safety is of utmost importance because only that will ensure that the laboratory functions properly.

    With the various testing that are done from time to time, a fully functional Laminar Flow Hood is essential for every Laboratory, hospital or a healthcare pharmacy.

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