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    Top 7 Great Exercises to Reduce Your Depression

    Battling your way out of depression is not something easy, so to begin with I want to congratulate you that have made it this far and discovered the underlying cause of your unhappiness. And I also want to encourage you about the fact that you have chosen to cure your depression. While depression is a very common problem, and a lot of people have it; it does not make the situation normal and acceptable at all. Depression, if it stays around for a while, has the capability to completely alter the chemical structure of your brain.

    Top 7 Great Exercises to Reduce Your Depression

    It has the capability of destroying your neurons and weakening your nervous system. Prolonged situations of depression in elderly people can lead to the early development of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Depression also affects the hormonal system of your body and it messes up the balance of hormones in human body. People have been trying to find a cure for this disease, and it is not difficult to heal from it once you have figured out the key reason behind this ailment.

    While there are many medicines that help with stabilizing depression, its symptoms and its effect I suggest that you completely avoid using any such medication. Depression is not a natural state of our minds and therefore the use of medication to cure this problem should not be encouraged at all. The worst part is that people across the globe procure and consume drugs to handle depression. It gives people a temporary relief and takes them into a better state of mind. With marijuana being legalized in countries across the globe, more and more people are taking this drug and the effects have started to show already. While using marijuana is not exactly harmful to humans, using too much of this drug can lead to various hormonal imbalances. People have been procuring its products and edibles under the name of marijuana edibles in Canada. Navigate here.

    But there are some natural ways in which you can cure your depression, such as working out. Today I will tell you to have seven such exercises that can help you cure your depression.

    1. Try Running:

    Try Running

    Running is the mother of all workouts, that’s what I have believed all my teenage years. I was a typical teen who is into rock punk a little bit and loves to pick fights. I used to be a feisty kid, and I remember that when I would feel angry I would run down the block. Initially, it was just an outlet for anger but soon I noticed a difference in my mood. All those hormones at work started to calm down and I felt a lot better. So, I suggest that you adopt the habit of running especially early in the morning because it helps a lot with anger management.

    2. Building Muscles:

    Building Muscles

    You might have overlooked the importance of building muscles in your pursuit of better grades or a better job. What you need to keep in mind is the fact that building muscles can lead to a happier you. When we workout, we sweat and we burn calories but most importantly our body releases a certain hormone which is known as endorphins. Endorphins are responsible for making us feel happy and full of bliss! Therefore, a little bit of strength training can lead to living a better life in no time at all.

    3. Practice Yoga Regularly:

    Practice Yoga Regularly

    The right word for this activity shouldn't be exercised because it encompasses a lot of meditation in your routine. If you practice yoga on a daily basis, you would soon notice that your body is changing. It will become more flexible and it will adapt to exercises quickly but most importantly you will sense an increasing calm in your routine. Your depression will reduce significantly and you should be able to focus on your day-to-day tasks more easily.

    4. Consider Doing Tai Chi:

    If you are not already aware of what Tai Chi is, it is a form of slow and gentle motions that is much like yoga but it has been coined in Eastern culture for quite some time. This exercise can help you get rid of major depression issues in no time whatsoever and you should be able to handle depression well.

    People who were kept under observation while they performed Tai Chi were soon noticed to have cured their depression to a significant degree.

    5. Walk It off:

    If you cannot run because of your joints or whatever reason, worry not! You have an even better option, you can opt to walk your depression off and I promise the results would be magnificent! All you need to have with you is a pair of shoes that is comfortable so that your feet don’t get tired. Consider brisk walk in the mornings for added benefits, such as losing some weight. Walking is also great for heart diseases.

    6. Be Outdoorsy:

    While it is good to work out in the most traditional ways in which you can perceive it, you should also consider other methods of playing a game. When I was suffering from postpartum depression, instead of joining a gym I opted for playing tennis. I loved tennis in my early adulthood and going back to something that I used to be passionate about was strangely healing. I came out of that depressive phase pretty easily and quickly. So if you have such options available, then always opt for playing a game. You will feel much better.

    7. Go Cycling:

    Go Cycling

    Cycling is a strange workout, but I would say it is very fulfilling in the spiritual sense. There is something strangely spiritual about carrying out the monotonous task of peddling when you know that the act is taking you towards your goal. I know it sounds sentimentally philosophical; however, I can vouch for the effects of cycling on a pathway in a park early in the morning. You’re bound to enjoy it a lot!

    These are just a few steps that you can take you cure your depression; if you know about more feel free to comment and let us know!

    Author bio: Currently a student of English Literature, in his final years, James Martin is passionate about writing his thoughts into words. He takes up writing projects in his leisure time to accompany his studies. Normally, observes the importance of writing on every topic, but mainly those that relates to his field. He regularly writes at https://cannabismo.ca/

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