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    Fixing Damaged Nails While Doing The Nail Art

    Beauty care specialists often get customers with damaged nails or those who do not take care of their nails properly making it difficult for a professional to cover up the damage. Most of the damages occur when the client peels off the gel, or nail enhancements & the acrylics used are removed improperly. 

    Fixing Damaged Nails While Doing The Nail Art

    The Suggestions:

    You may get clients who have ridges on their nails. It may be vertical or horizontal. They may also have cracked nails ruining the looks. All this can be efficiently solved by an expert beautician with some knowledge and innovative ideas.

    1. Solutions for Ridges on the Nails:

    Ridges are nothing but vertical or horizontal lines. Vertical lines occur due to some Vitamin deficiency in the body and lack of protein in the diet. People with horizontal ridges are suggested to go visit a doctor. Or they can conceal them with makeup. One should buff the nails lightly so that it gets smooth to the maximum possible extent. Then apply a base that shall fill the ridges on the nails. Now it is time to polish or paint the nails with the colors that the client wants or you suggest as per the occasion and the dress. Always keep the nail polish bottle tightly capped when not in use otherwise the lacquer or the gel thickens making it more difficult to give a smooth finish. If however,  you do not have any ridge filler in your stock, applying a double base coat works wonders to nails with ridges. 

    2. Fixing the Cracks on The Nails:

    If you come across a client with cracked nails, using nail glue can be useful to seal the crack and harden the portion. One should buff the area after the glue has dried to get a smooth surface and after that proceed with polishing. One can also try to patch up the nails with silk wraps. At the beginning buff off the nails carefully so that the cracks do not expand, then apply the glue on the area of cracks. Press the silk on the adhesive so that it flushes with the nail surface. It is now time to use more glue on the top of the silk. Wait for some moments for the glue to dry. Again buff the area to make it smooth. It is time to shape the nail and go for the polishing. Make sure to throw away the empty nail polish bottles so that you do not confuse it with a new one and can always have a share that is full.

    3. Using Hard Gels or Acrylics:

    One can fix the ridges or the cracks on the nails using a hard gel or acrylics. However, care should be taken before applying them, and the mindset of the customer is to be judged. One should consider the habits of the customer, the lifestyle and working profiles and then apply the hard gels. It has been found that due to the working habits, nails come up from the nail beds and using hard gel is not suitable. 

    Using Hard Gels or Acrylics

    4. Maintaining the Nails:

    Remember that a good beautician should not only provide  you with proper nail treatment but should also give the advice to visit a doctor if necessary as one closely monitor all parts of the body from hair to skin to nails. Maintenance of the nails needs to be done on a regular basis to avoid nail damages. They should also advise their customers to regularly maintain your nails to keep them looking beautiful at all times=. It is not that hard to conceal the ridges or the cracks on the nails by an excellent professional beautician, and some of the above tips work wonders. One can also try some innovative ideas to give the nails of the customer a shinning and perfect look. After all, the attention is always drawn by the best-groomed person everywhere.

    For Better Result:

    However, with some fixes, you can give the damaged nails a stunning look and do the arts on them. By observing the nails, one can have an idea about the extent of damage and work accordingly on them to mend them at least superficially.

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