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    Men's Wedding Bands and Women's Wedding Rings

    Men's Wedding Bands and Women's Wedding Rings: Discover the Traditions in Different Culture:

    Marriage is something that is similar in all the cultures and civilizations around the world. Although marriage is the declaration of the union between two people, the traditions vary in each culture. One such cultural difference in marriages across the globe is wearing wedding bands. A wedding ring carries the same symbolic importance almost everywhere, however, the way it is manufactured and worn differs throughout the world. 

    The history and symbolism behind wedding bands can be traced back to the Roman Empire and Egyptian Civilization. Take a look at how wedding rings today became the billion-dollar sentiment of love and care for each other.

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    History of the Wedding Ring:

     # Egyptian Era:

    Some believe that ancient Egyptians started the norm of gifting wedding bands and they were the first who discovered that several metals could also be utilized in making wedding rings. Alongside metal rings, women also received rings made of bone, leather, and ivory.

    # The Romans:

    The wedding band became the symbol of eternity, not limited only to Egypt, but many other traditions including the Roman Empire. The Romans considered the hole in the center of the ring a significant gateway or door, which lead to both unknown and known events. For them, presenting this ring to a woman meant never-ending and immortal love. However, they substituted the rings made of leather into more expensive metals of that time in order to show more love to the receiver. 

    # Asia:

    In the early Asian world, the wedding rings were considered to be the seal of a legal contract. The marriage in ancient Asia was concluded with a puzzle wedding ring that immediately fell apart if the receiver took it off. 

    Wedding Bands for Men:

    During the twentieth century, the world witnessed the emergence of wedding rings for men. Earlier, only the women used to receive the wedding rings, but during the World War II, men started receiving wedding bands as well, out of love and emotion. The wives were unsure about seeing their beloved again. 

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    In today’s modernized world, traditions have evolved, however, wedding rings symbolize the same sentiment of love and care that it used to carry before. You can find some great options for men’s wedding rings on https://www.mensweddingbands.com. Here are some countries and religions where wedding bands are worn according to their own belief.

    Catholicism: Contrary to the popular movie culture, the wedding ring is not always worn on the left hand. Catholics wear their wedding band on their right hand actually.

    Protestants: The followers of the Protestant faith have the romantic idea of wearing the wedding ring on their left hand, since it is closer to the heart. 

    England and America: In these two countries, rings are sometimes worn in sets - the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the eternity ring. The eternity ring is given on the birth of the first child or on the first anniversary of the couple.


    The aforementioned guide describes the cultural journey of the wedding rings and the introduction of the wedding rings for men. Apart from your personal taste, it is not a bad idea to choose a ring with a traditional and cultural feel. 

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