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    Biker Themed Wedding: Here's How To Pull It Off

    Anne Hathaway said, “Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility.”

    The wedding is the start of a new beginning for the couple. Therefore, the best weddings are ones that are personalized and include things that both the bride and groom enjoy. A themed wedding is an excellent way for the couple to express themselves on their special occasion. However, sometimes the theme may outshine the bride and groom. Therefore finding balance is the key. The goal is to set the tone for the entire day while not overwhelming the guests.

    Biker Themed Wedding

    If you and your partner-to-be are crazy about motor bikes, then do not hesitate to keep it as your theme. There are so many amazing things that can incorporate into your biker themed wedding to pull it off successfully.

    Biker Themed Wedding: Here's How To Pull It Off

    1.   Dress to Impress:

    The essential element of the wedding is the attire for both the bride and the groom. The wedding day is the ultimate celebration of love and devotion; this day the bride and the groom are the centers of attention. 

    To look your best when you say ‘I Do’ carry a dress that complements the theme. But before you decide on the dress you need to think about a few other things such as: do you plan on riding a motorbike to the reception or do you want only the groom to enter on the bike,and then you can hop on according to the plan. If you plan on any of these things, you might want to consider your dress type. You can wear a short dress or a two-piece gown so that you can throw off the lower and jump into your jeans before going to the reception.

    biker leather jacket

    As for the groom, he can wear jeans, a white shirt, and black vest. He can also pair this with biker leather jacket and boots to complete the ensemble, while the bride can add grunge to the pastel colored gown with a leather jacket or even a leather skirt.

    2.   Shine through the details:

    There is no denying that planning a wedding is overwhelming. While focusing on the big picture the minute details can sometimes get ignored. To make your event a success make sure to focus on all little details such as the altar, cocktail tables, table linens, place cards, dance floor, etc. After all, the devil is in the details.

    3.   Wedding invites:

    By selecting the biker theme, you have already dared to be different so invest in wedding cards that stand out and showcase your idea. You can go for invites that go along with the color scheme that you have selected. For example, you could try a studded wedding invite that gives off a punk theme. You can look for more ideas here.

    4.   Wedding favors:

    To give your wedding a memorable touch for your guests, you can invest in wedding favors that match your theme.You can give small leather jacket key chains to your guests, or maybe get customized chocolates with bike wheels printed on the wrappers. 

    You can also give biker themed cupcakes to guests. To make the favors memorable, you can also add biker-inspired key chains to guests. This way they can have a keepsake of your wedding.

    5.   Wedding cake:

    Once you have decided your theme that expresses your passion, make sure the wedding cake is unique too.

    If you want the cake to be rustic, you can go for a traditional three-tiered buttercream cake and add a bike cake topper. 

    6.   Walking down the aisle:

    To walk down the aisle with you flaunting your beautiful wedding gown is the most incredible experience of your life. To make this moment fun and crazy and from the aisle. As the bride passes each biker can rev the engine.

    Especially memorable entrance could be the bridesmaids and bride entering the venue riding their bikes. However, keep in mind that to carry out this twist you would need big open space at your venue.

    7.   Biker themed decor:

    Black is the iconic color for bikers. Go for a theme that has black included in it. Napkins, tablecloths, seat covers all are readily available in black. You can add either gold or silver to make it look elegant.

    Keeping a themed wedding is always a great idea because it is meaningful to the couple and also provides guests with a refreshing new concept of what attending a wedding can entail. However, one can easily go overboard with the theme. Therefore, keep the following in mind:
    Choose a theme that means something special to both of you
    Create a board to note down all the ideas so that you don’t go overboard
    Subtly use the theme and not in a literal way 

    Take care with the 7 tips mentioned above in mind while planning your wedding and you will be successful in pulling off your biker themed wedding.

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