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    Overview of The Major Changes in Mot Test in 2018

    MOT was brought into the light in 1960 and it was followed by all since then. At the beginning of this year, Ministry Of Transport came out with a few important changes in the set of rules. These changes are mentioned in the directive passed by the European Union which is also known as EU Roadworthiness Package. 

    Beginning from the Sunday of May 20, 2018, the way MOT is carried out in Scotland, England and Wales will be different than before. This change is going to affect vehicles like motorbikes, vans, cars and other light vehicles. It has some stricter rules now that you need to see.

    Overview of The Major Changes in Mot Test in 2018

    Vehicles Running on Diesel Will Find it Tough:

    There will be a strict inspection of DPF or diesel particulate filter in the cars. In older rules, during MOT test, the examination was only done visually. But, it is not so with the new tests. In the new rule, the filter will be detached and checked thoroughly so that the proper judgement can be passed. 

    It is going to be tough for many of the diesel vehicle drivers because according to the latest rules, nobody is allowed to tamper or remove DPFs. If found so, it can be a trouble for them. DPFs are ften being modified by the vehicle owners where the exhaust gets blocked.

    Not only this, the test centres will also conduct inflexible visible smoke tests. If they find any sort of smog, the vehicle will fail the test. 

    Few Other Important Modifications in the Test:

    There will be many changes in the test. Some of the new ones will include-
    • Under-inflated tires
    • Impure and polluted brake fluid
    • Environmental risks due to fluid leaks
    • Missing brake pads

    Many other small changes are also included here. This includes all those areas which can be dangerous for the car owners and also the pedestrians there. These defects are dangerous from many point of views. The testers are going to pay more attention to the steering system which includes the steering box. If the box is getting leaked then it will surely cause a problem. 

    The testers will fail such a vehicle. If the reversing lights and bulbs are not working then it will be problematic too. 

    Few Amendments in the Defects:

    Faults are of three types now-

    1.  Minor Faults:

    There will be no trouble for the drivers who are driving the vehicles with minor faults as they are still allowed to hit the roads in the UK. But such faults will surely be reflected online in their MOT certificate and record.

    2.  Major Faults:

    These faults are dangerous for the vehicle and that is why they will be failed in the test. This includes the oil leaks or accident release of smoke from the exhaust. To make it eligible for the test again, it must be repaired first.

    3.  Dangerous Defects:

    Without repair, such faults will only lead to the failure of the car MOT test. The example of such sort of defect is loosely held steering wheel. It is illegal to drive the vehicle before that.

    40 Years Older Cars Will Not Require the Test Anymore:

    If the vehicles are older than the 40 years, they are not going to need an MOT test. This means that the vehicles that are manufactured before 1960 is not going to need MOT. There are about 500,000 vehicles on the UK roads according to the Daily Express. This makes it around 1.5% of the total 31.7 million registered cars present. 

    Some experts think that the set of modifications in the move are sensible and looks promising. The picture will be made clear when these will be practised. Also with different types of faults, the drivers will have to make the judgements whether the defects their car or some other vehicle is facing is minor, major or a dangerous one, so that they can act accordingly. 

    These rules have also tried to reduce the pollution and the raising concerns on the environment due to the pollution by the vehicles. In case, you want to know more about the change rules and want success in the MOT test then you can take the benefits of the car service stations nearby like Express Of Walton Limited. Get in contact with them today!

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