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    Necessity and Importance of CCTV Installation in Daily Life

    CCTV refers to closed-circuit television. It is a system that operates through television in which activities are monitored rather than shared among the mass. CCTV installation is done either for the security purpose of an individual or the public interest. It also refers to video surveillance or video records.
    Necessity and Importance of CCTV Installation in Daily Life

    Necessity and Importance of CCTV Installation in Daily Life

    • How CCTV Installation Works and What Are the Other Things Involved in This Process?

    It requires several cameras, televisions, and wireless communication facilities throughout the place. The activities are recorded in the camera and the person can monitor that on the television or keep a record of it. It is designed in such a way that the authorized person can view the recordings and monitor it. 

    • Difference Between Older CCTV And Modern Days CCTV:

    Older CCTV’s resolution was very low whereas modern days CCTV has high-resolution that gives good picture quality.

    CCTV was very small and the picture was black and white whereas, now the picture is colored with high zooming and zoom out quality.

    Earlier there was no facility to record the video in CCTV, so it was continuously monitored by any person. However, recent days CCTV is much developed where there is an option to record the video automatically. 

    • What Are the Purposes of CCTV Installation?

    CCTV installation is mainly done for a variety of reasons and they are as follows:

    CCTV Installation

    Security of home and the family members.
    Checking traffic conditions from time to time.
    Security for a big organization or small farm and office.
    Security at the airports due to the chance of high crime rate.
    Getting records of that area where people cannot go and track the activities from time to time, CCVT installation is very helpful.
    Used in the banking sector for security purposes.
    To keep an eye on the employees to check their work dedication.

    • How Important Is It to Install CCTV in Schools Premises?

    Nowadays it is seen that crime has increased a lot and it has not left the children also. The crime has increased in the schools also. So, the CCTV installation records every activity of the children and also the outsiders. It ensures the safety and security of the children. The parents can rely on the school authority also about their security. 

    • CCTV Also Plays an Important Function in Maintaining the Security of Big Organization by Following Means:

    Prevention of tailgating,
    Prevention of theft and fraud,
    Prevention of sexual harassment in the office premises,
    Prevention of any mishap. 

    • Problems of CCTV Camera:

    Purchasing a good quality camera is very essential as it gives high-resolution pictures. Sometimes it gives hazy picture quality due to dust particles on the lenses, and people need to know how to fix them:

    Problems of CCTV Camera

    • Keep a check of the camera lenses for dirt, dust particles and clean them with cotton to get a nice picture.
    • It is also good to check the specification of the home security cameras and also to keep an eye on extension cable that should be in the correct range.

    Technicians are required to give service and install the CCTV at the correct place, from where the people can have a maximum view. They also upgrade the digital CCTV system. They design, install, and configure it properly. They work as support to CCTV system and look after its every problem. 

    In short, CCTV installation is very important in each and every sector be it home, school, bank, hospital, roads, etc. It keeps our life secure and keeps the record of all day to day activities. It also helps to avoid crimes several times. In one word, it is also known as a closed monitoring system as the name itself suggests closed-circuit television.

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