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    Max Polyakov Has Agreed to Judge Biomedical Startups at MBioS Challenge

    Max Polyakov, a successful entrepreneur and managing partner of Noosphere Ventures, has launched a variety of technological and scientific challenges. For Max Polyakov, MBioS Challenge is the first event not organized by Noosphere where he will judge startups.

    The Development of Information Technology

    The development of information technology impacts all areas of society, including health and medicine. A lot of gadgets are used to improve the quality of medical services. The developers of such gadgets launch numerous projects. They need financial and technical support for their promotion. Managing partner of Noosphere Venturesm Max Polyakov, supports various technological innovations, medical ones among them. Given the strong business interest of Max Polyakov in medicine and his academic degree in the field, he willingly joined the judge’s panel at MBioS Challenge.

    MBioS Challenge is a startup competition that aims to provide support to domestic inventors and developers. The competition is organized by Innovation House jointly with Borsch Ventures. The Ukrainian Medical Association of the United Kingdom (UMAUK) is a partner of the event. The challenge has already started. The first final battle will take place in the framework of iForum at Kiev in April 2018. The second part of the final will be in the framework of the Medicine and Innovation UMAUK Annual Conference in London in May 2018. Beside Max Polyakov, many other business and medical industry experts have joined the judge’s panel at MBioS Challenge, including his Noosphere’s partner Michael Ryabokon.

    The competition is open to Ukrainian biomedical startups which have projects at the stage of an idea, pre-seed, prototype or a finished product. The finalists will receive prizes depending on the category in which they compete, and all of the winners will get the chance to receive an expert evaluation and present their projects to the world. Max Polyakov is sure MBioS Challenge will positively influence Ukrainian medical development and lead to a greater technological and medical capability in Ukraine.

    Medical Development

    In Ukraine, Managing Partner of Noosphere Ventures, Max Polyakov, has initiated a variety of technological and scientific competitions where medical projects have been presented. The winners of the Vernadsky Challenge, Bioton, HertIn, and Cardiomo, have already conquered global markets. Moreover, Noosphere Ventures has a few medical projects in its portfolio: Thync, Circle Medical, and KangarooHealth.

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