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    How Do Turntables Work for DJ System?

    The turntables are one of the most used gadgets which have been used over an extended period. As much as the forms of music change and the records to play it, the turntables are still one of the most favorites when it comes to the mixing the songs. The turntables have never been replacing even different era comes and goes such as8 track, cassette tapes, MP3 as well as CD. That is why the people love to play the music through the vinyl record as it is the best when it comes to the richness of sound.

    When we talk about the turntables, for those, who don’t know who to use it sees the DJ as a magician who can play it the way they want and creates the magic with it. There are millions of people who groove on the music which is designed and produced by the turntables and loves the sound of the turntables speaker. That is why it is best investment and gadget to create the music in loops, shifting it, mixing and manipulating the songs and sounds according to the mood. Therefore, it is one the of the personal technology which is used to create music and let people dance and have fun.

    How Do Turntables Work for DJ System?

    The turntables work similar to any music playing instrument, and when the turntables play the vinyl record, the simple data transfer happens. That is why the technology involves the turntables, and its parts help the DJ creates the music he/she wants and let people fall in love with it. There are many models and brands of turntables available in the market, and some are very low in prices as well. You can buy the turntables under 200 dollars, and much higher depend on what are you looking.

    How do the turntables work?

    It is a simple method of making music and sound which consists of following parts and futures which are as follows:

    1.  Base:

    The base of the turntables plays an essential role in the operation as it holds the entire system and runs it. It is placed on the top of the motor which consists of wheel system, belt to direct drive. The material and shape of the base can be different from one and another, but all perform the same function, holding the motor. That is why when the platter is move or spin; the base supports the surface where the record is placed.

    The base is also essential in making the turntables unique, and here the manufacturers put their creative and personal touches. It can be made from the natural wood or lacquered rig as well.

    2.  The platter:

    The platter is equally essential as it allows the record to play without any interruption as well as maintain a consistent speed while performing. The platters are usually made from the heavy metals that are why when these materials are used in the manufacturing of platters; it will get more value. That is why the most expensive turntables available in the market are made from the ultra weighted aluminum. The primary reason of using the heavy metals in making the platter is when less weight material is used; the record may rattle from the speed of the motor, that is why the massive metals help them to get the steady sound as well as avoid any rumble while playing the music. Along with the platter, there is a rubber mat on the top which helps the record to stay at its place also avoiding any scratches on it.

    The average speed to play the record is 45 RPM which is the optimal speed for playing most of the vinyl, and it is also the reason for calling the records “forty-five.”

    3.  The arm:

    The entire turntables based on different technologies combined, but the arm is the essential part where all the sophisticated technology lies. It has its spot on the base, helps to reduce the shakiness as well as lots of power in this small instrument.

    The most important thing in the arm is that it must be of accurate weight, not to heavy as it can damage the record and doesn’t allow it to move and not too light that it gets affected by the motor of the base and flips with the vibration of the engine. The other thing is the right angle of the arm, both the weight and perspective have changed over the period and also varies from one turntable to another. The cartridge of the arm transmits the grooves from the record and converts it into the sound waves.

    How the DJ creates music with the turntables?

    There are many parts of the turntables including the player, headphones, volume, frequency, music bass and much more altogether the DJ makes unique music. There are many DJ mixers also available in the market which is designed to create different types of sounds and music and especially for the DJs to work. The function of basic turntables is elementary and straightforward. It allows the DJ to play the music and includes his/her touch while performing a particular track this helps the people to enjoy the famous songs with more twist.

    But it depends on the DJ, his taste, and abilities that how he uses it to create a new flavor of music and make people groove on the beat. While the turntables are designed to play the songs and sound simple, there are better and more advanced technologies available for the DJs to create better and unique music each time.

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