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    8 Effective Ways to Stop and Delay Your Period

    One of the problems women face in their daily lives is how to deal with their monthly period. There are many who breeze through their periods. However, for some, it can be a very painful time. Others are bedridden for a day or two. Some find it uncomfortable, especially if the bleeding is heavy, while others display weakness. Due to the discomfort and cramps women face, they might want to delay their periods at crucial points in their lives.

    Effective Ways to Stop and Delay Your Period

    8 Effective Ways to Stop and Delay Your Period

    1. Exams

    If you have an important exam or job interview, you might not want to risk being laid low by your monthly periods.

    2. Sports

    Many athletes can handle their periods well, but if you are one of those who can't, then it makes sense to delay them during sporting events.

    3. Functions

    Social functions where your presence is of importance, especially if you are organizing or hosting them, can be handled better if you are not having your periods.

    4. Wedding

    Most women want to delay their periods during their wedding so that things can go smoothly, and they can enjoy their special day.

    5. Vacation

    No woman wants to be bogged down by periods during their precious vacation time. 
    Disability: Women with a mental or physical disability might not always find it easy to handle their periods and would prefer to delay it in times of stress.

    So can you delay your period? There are two main ways to do so.

    6. Birth control pills

    If you are on the pill, the best way ensure a period delay is to immediately start another tablet cycle when the first one ends. This will skip the period in between. What happens when you are on the pill is that your body hormones are regulated. What you experience each month is not a period, but withdrawal bleeding. When you don't stop for a respite in between cycles, the withdrawal bleeding does not happen. However, doctors recommend not to use this method beyond three months at a stretch.

    7. Other contraceptives

    The same concept applies to women using contraceptive rings or contraceptive patches. Just skip the free week to skip your period.

    8. Norethisterone

    For women who are not on contraceptives, the best way to have a period delay is by taking Norethisterone. The medicine needs to be taken thrice a day, and you will have to start taking it three days before the period is due. Once you are ready to have your periods, just stop taking the tablet, and your cycle will be back to normal within three days.

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