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    Latest Software Development Trends 2017

    Top Software Development Trends To Look Out For In 2017

    With the advancement of technology, there is a certain standard that has been added to people’s lives. There are so many apps and other measures which provide us with amazing new opportunities and power to acquire any valuable information from different sources. Also, the levels of communication seem to be upgraded with the advancing technology. Be it Skype or Facebook; these technologies help you to communicate on different levels. 

    Latest Software Development Trends 2017

    Latest Software Development Trends 2017?

    Role of IT Security In Digital India

    With these technologies being in an easy reach for us, there are also several threats that arise due to the existence of several unethical hackers that swindle you of your savings by gaining access to several personal files and data. Especially in India, where cyber crimes and hackings are a growing concern. Every business, whether big or small requires a certain level of security to protect the information and valuable data. This need creates a demand for professional with training in IT Security Courses that provide the apt measure to have maximum security from these cyber crimes and other illegal activities. With certified knowledge in IT security components such as data security, human, software, organisational, societal and system security, individuals can have a successful career by preventing most of the cyber crimes of unethical hackers.

    One of the main aspects of IT security in Digital India is the risk analysis. Including various small and important steps, this prevention measure helps the professionals to:

    Identify and value the assets of particular software.

    Find out about the threats that lurk in the near background

    Analyze the features of vulnerability and several other weaknesses in the software or servers. 

    Highlight the flaws and eradicate them to develop the systems.

    Find and highlight security issues in the planned and existing systems.

    Top Software Trends That Will Be A Hit In 2017

    Once the security issues are properly dealt with, there is a wide range of technologies that are panning out, and these marvellous new technologies are the new trends which everyone should look out for. For a newbie in the field of business, these trends and technologies are a sure shot way to achieve proper benefits. And if you an experienced entrepreneur then these technologies will only add to your standards. So let’s get started on the new software trends for 2017 business influences.

    Internet of Things: Who hasn’t heard about the upcoming revolution named IoT, or the Internet of Things. Also, the smart home technologies have been creating an amazing buzz over the last few years regarding its uses. So why the wait? We could be living in homes connected with smart technologies by now. But due to excessive competition and not enough integrity, there are various individual products and apps which guarantee the same effect but fail to do so. With several bigger companies coming into existence, this problem won’t be an issue in 2017.

    Machine Learning: Machine learning has achieved a remarkable new height over the last few years in the market. It now enhances the search engine ratings of Google. However, there are not enough applications in the market yet. In 2017, there will be a certain development in the applications that ensure the development of artificial intelligence and enhance the benefits of it for the users.

    Augmented and Virtual Reality: With new technologies seeing the light of the day, there is a name that is gaining more and more attention by the day. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) is an important part of the software industry, and this year there has been a considerable amount of increase in the applications that border around AR and VR. Further development and newer versions of applications are ensured for the future.

    Automation: It is a good news for several individuals that automation is all set to become a prominent player in 2017. With certain advanced skills that enable automation of several tasks which previously were exclusively done by humans, this step forward is certainly going to be a welcoming change this year. Automation when put together with machine learning, will certainly take a step ahead into the future and improve the things around for a better cause.

    Visual And Qualitative Big Data: Big data is a big name in the industry and has maintained its position in one of the top levels for the past few years. Big Data plays an important role in storing and accessing huge amounts of data and using it to the benefits of several organizations. However, the quantitative and numerical approach to big data posed several problems. This is certainly not expected to be the case in 2017 as with the more qualitative and humanized approach, big data this year has aimed to develop data storing and analysing skills more efficiently.

    Software Industry is one of the most important industries in the market. For the proper advancement and security of the technologies, individuals must get training in IT Security courses and several other topics. This will certainly benefit the future of the business and IT sector.

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