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    ICICI Credit Card Payment and Details

    ICICI bank is one of the largest and top leading private sector banks in India. Its customers enjoy a ton of privileges from the wide range of credit cards the bank offers. Let us see the different ways of paying the ICICI credit card bills here.

    ICICI bank offers various payment solutions for credit card bill payment which helps customers to use any one of the below methods to complete their transaction. Online and offline payment modes are available for users to pay as per their convenience. For tech-savvy customers who are unable to step out, this leading private sector bank offers numerous online ways to pay their outstanding credit card bills.

    ICICI Credit Card Payment and Details

    ICICI Credit Card Payment and Details?


    Bill Pay:

    The Bill Pay feature allows the ICICI bank customers to pay their credit card bills using their bank accounts. The standard number of days for the transaction to be complete is 2 working days. The amount will be credited from the customer’s account and will be reflected in their account statements after 2 days time.


    ICICI Credit Card Payment and Details? Net banking facility is linked with the Click-To-Pay feature, which allows the customers to make credit card bill payments of ICICI from other bank accounts. The standard number of days for the transaction to be complete is 3 working days, unlike the bill pay feature. The procedure to be followed is stated below:

    The customer has to select the net banking facility through which they would like to make the payment for ICICI credit card. Usually, a drop box with a lot of bank names is available to make the process easy for the customer.

    Then, the customer has to enter the important bank details such as type of ICICI card, its credit card number and total amount due. The selected bank allows the customer to proceed to the payment after directing them towards a secure connection.

    The customer has to validate his authentication by providing details of net banking ID and password before confirming to make the payment. The amount will be debited later from the concerned bank and the customer will get an online confirmation of the transaction processed along with a reference number. The customer can check the credit card information after 3 days to see if the due bill is cleared.

    VMT Pay:

    If the credit card is a visa credit card, the customer has a choice to make the payment through visa money transfer. The standard number of days for the transaction to be completed and reflected in your statement is 3 working days.

    Debit Card Pay:

    The bill pay feature allows customers to make their credit card payment using the debit card through net banking. It takes 2 days for the transaction to be complete and update your credit card dues.
    Pay Through NEFT 

    NEFT banking facility can be used when you have to pay from another bank account. The destination bank code which can be used for ICICI is code 52 and IFS code is ICIC0000103. The credit card will be credited with the transfer amount after 1 working day.  

    Auto-Debit Payment Option:

    ICICI customers have an additional option to pay a minimum due amount or the actual amount directly from their ICICI bank accounts using the auto-debit facility. If the user registers for auto-debit service through net banking, he will receive the username and password from the customer care. But a mandate form has to be submitted physically at the ICICI nearest branch. The auto-debit option can be used after the registration process is completed. Payment of credit card will be done automatically on the due date if users avail this option. 


    ATM Payment:

    ICICI Credit Card Payment and Details? Users can visit the nearest ICICI bank ATM and pay the credit card due amount using their debit cards. The amount will be credited immediately after the transaction.
    Cash Payment

    Customers can visit their ICICI bank branch and pay the amount due in the form of cash. The bank employees will credit the amount to your credit cards within 1 working day.  A 100 rupees service charge is applicable for this transaction along with service tax.

    Cheque/Draft Payment:

    To pay the credit card due using a cheque or draft, the customer has to visit the ICICI bank branch and fill in the credit card number, name and phone number behind the cheque. Draw the cheque in the favor of ICICI bank credit card. The amount will be credited in 3 working days for an ICICI cheque, 5 working days for a non-ICICI cheque, 12 working days for an outstation cheque at ICICI bank branches and 21 days for an outstation cheque at non-ICICI bank branches. 

    Keep track of the number of transaction days it takes to credit the amount and ICICI Credit Card Payment and Details dues in advance to avoid the additional late fee.

    Author’s bio: I'm currently working as Finance Executive with Fintax Experts. I am passionate about driving high growth metrics while also improving operating efficiency. I have worked in a number of business-facing finance roles firms. I have the keen interest in supporting a complete Finance systems implementation project. In addition, I have managed both retail and commercial lending officers and oversees the credit department. Apart from financial services, I have keen interest in BPO services, Tax outsourcing services, outsourcing tax etc.

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