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    Clearing Your Canadian Criminal Record

    The government creates legislation and laws as the will of the people. Violating the law of society can produce a run in with the police and a potential arrest and civil or criminal charges filed against you. If you have made a mistake and received a criminal record, there are steps you can take to clear your name and return it to good standing.

    Clearing Your Canadian Criminal Record

    The Disadvantages of a Criminal Record

    Having a criminal record will reduce the amount of opportunity you have available to you in life. Once your employer discovers that you have a record, they may opt to fire you, making your chances of finding another job slim to none. You are banned from international travel, as all countries will require you to produce a police clearance certificate that says you do not have a criminal record.

    Buying a house, receiving finance for a car, or even insurance of your valuables will be a challenge. Those lenders that are willing to arrange a loan for you will most likely take advantage of your situation and charge you high-interest rates. Having a criminal record just makes life harder to operate from outside the conventional sphere of society.

    All About Record Suspensions

    A criminal record does not have to be the death knell to your financial and public life. If you did not commit a serious crime, then the Canadian Parole board offers you the opportunity to apply for a record suspension. The CPIC houses all the data for criminal records. If you are successful in your application, a record suspension will mean that your criminal record is sealed from the public view. Any potential employers or financial services providers will not have your criminal record returned in their background checks.

    A record suspension gives a former criminal an opportunity to properly assimilate themselves into society, without being concerned about unfair judgments from potential employers or loan officers. However, your record will still be available to Federal authorities, should you be indicted for another crime in the future. If you are fortunate enough to be granted a record suspension, make sure that you do not fall back into the same behavior that you were indicted for in the past.

    You must meet certain requirements to be considered for a record suspension by the Canadian Parole board. You must not be a violent offender, or have more than two previous convictions where you received sentences of less than two years.

    Work with Professionals

    Record suspensions are also known as pardons and are granted to candidates that have all the necessary paperwork and procedures in order. Without a pardon, your criminal record will follow you until your 125th birthday.

    If you can’t wait that long, then the fastest and easiest way to receive a record suspension from the Canadian Parole board is to use a professional service to help you with your application. National Pardon Fingerprints services will make sure that your paperwork is handled efficiently and your application dealt with in a timeous manner.

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