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    Top 5 Traditional Indian Silk Sarees You Should Know

    There would be hardly any girl in this world who doesn’t love her wardrobe the most and like adding varieties in it, but an Indian girl enjoys the privilege at best. India is the country where diversity prevails in each step, and clothing is just one way. Amongst every sort of dresses an Indian girl has, a saree is just unbeatable. 

    Saree is that Indian dress that not only feminizes a girl but is worn since the time our country is existing. Different parts of our country have different types of sarees that are not only restricted to one region but is worn by all the ladies in the country. Today, you can avail all the sarees you have just heard about and are manufactured to the South of the country through online, but there are always some of the finest choices. Today, we will discuss those 5 kinds of sarees that every Indian girl must add in her wardrobe.

    Top 5 Traditional Indian Silk Sarees!

    1. Banarsi Saree

    Banarsi Saree

    Banarsi saree is the one of the finest saree made in India in a city call Banaras made out silk they are known for their intricate design and embroidery and their gold and silver brocade work. These sarees take anywhere from 15 days to a month to finish one saree. Weddings are the perfect occasion to flaunt your banarsi saree. One can find banarsi saree in Jangla, Tanchoi, Vaskat, Cutwork, Tissue, and Butidar these kinds depending on the design on saree. These sarees are available at an affordable price starting from 4k and last for a year. You can buy banarsi silk saree online . To keep up with demands of a changing culture, you can gofor blended banarsi saree for summers.

    2. Kanchipuram Saree

    Kanchipuram Saree

    Kanchipuram saree are famously known as benarsi of South made in the region of Tamil Nadu a unique thing about this saree is that the border and the body of saree are not only different in design but also very contrast making them look very colorful but elegant. 

    The design of the border usually has the images of temples, stripes, floral designs, leaves, birds, and animals. The designing of this saree is highly inspired by its rich cultural heritage of South Indian temples. Some of the sarees phallus even depict the picture of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Mahabharata and other mythological stories and characters.

    Kanchipuram saree are worn on special festive occasions of indian silk sarees. Originally they are 9-yard saree now available in 6 yards as well. Pallus are the primary focus of this saree. Weddings in South India are just incomplete without these beautiful Kanchipuram sarees. Buy traditional Kanchipuram saree!

    3. Tussar Silk 

    Tussar Silk

    Famously known as Kosa silk, these sarees are made in Bihar with the unique process of drying out the cocoon in the sun and then boiling it to achieve the finest of the silk possible.

    Tussar silk sarees are another name for luxury in sarees. Unlike others, they are all season wearable and available in hues of colors from beige to red from light to dark they cover all possible colors. Tussar is something that is worn with pride by the young generation, and it is easy to style. Tussar silk sarees starts from 3k and can be worn at family gatherings and casual outings making it value for money.On top of it, these sarees are easy to maintain, dry-clean them once in two months, and they don’t lose their luster and shine.  Check out our range of pure tussar silk sarees online .

    4. Chiffon Sarees 

    Chiffon Sarees

    The lightest of all fabric most balanced and sheer making it as a perfect base for Indian saree made from cotton, silk, nylon or other polyester materials providing the perfect flow to the garment hence chiffon gives you that elegant and classy look. Chiffon starts from 4k and is easy to maintain if stored carefully the folds of saree must be changed once in a month for longevity. 

    Chiffon can be easily dyed and is, therefore, available in all kinds of colors and tones. This is your perfect attire to beat the summers since chiffon fabric has its natural coolness. They are easily accessible online.

    5. Georgette Sarees

    Georgette Sarees

    Georgette silk is light weighted and sheer like chiffon just that it’s a little dull and opaque than chiffon silk. Georgette is soft with a little rough texture, but there also exists faux georgette that is rougher than the original one. Georgette fabric is highly twisted leading to fabric crinkle when they relax and making it one of the strongest fabrics that are easy to dye, print or work on this kind of fabric which means georgette sarees are easy to maintain and look brand new after the hand wash and iron.

    You can proudly wear your georgette saree on a regular basis, but it is important to buy good quality georgette saree. Now that you know all about the essential saree updates in your wardrobe. Don’t worry you don’t have to step out in heat and shop you can check out all these styles under one place.

    Author bio: Akansha has been writing on the Indian ethnic fashion and latest trends from quite some time now. She is now working as blogger at Mysore Saree Udyog.

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