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    Tinder Match App for Android Users to Desired Couple

    What is Tinder? Tinder Android App that promises to find the desired couple

    Tinder is the App that could join you with the person you want ... only if she or he wants it too.

    Tinder App for Android and iOS, which helps find couples, according to their gender, age, distance of their location, mutual interests, shared friendships and most importantly, their photos. Considered the best new startup of 2013, this application has become the best ally of those who want to get an appointment quickly and practically, whether for an occasional encounter or something more serious. 

    The increasingly popular Tinder Match App was launched in September 2012 and is available for Apple and Android devices. The mobile application allows you to meet people who are compatible with your tastes and interests and that is close to the place where you are, data that is obtained with GPS. 

    Tinder Social Network? This application is synchronized with your Facebook account, after which you must customize your profile with the data you consider important and the photos you find most attractive. Also, specify what kind of person you want Tinder to show you. Once connected in principle users will only see some data, when you like a person and do the same you can chat.

    Tinder for Android in the world of online dating there are other similar but even more controversial services like Luxy , which contacts only attractive, successful and millionaire people. Mixxxer serves to get with who to have a casual intimate encounter and 3nder makes it possible to meet open-minded people, while Grindr is very popular among gay bisexual people. A great deal of employees at our coursework writing service use both of these services in their free time!

    Dating on Tinder? Before to get to know a boy / a had to give a party, meeting, previous, to introduce a friend or friend, or have the luck that you lacked fire or you did not have the time, so you could have some chances Of being able to talk to the pretty girl in the short dress or the tall guy who dances well, but what is Tinder, is the App that could join you with the person you want ... only if she or he wants it too. Sign up for Tinder?

    Sign up for Tinder

    This is the modality, you can decide between NOPE OR LIKED - What is Tinder?

    How does this application work? It is simple:

    1. Download the application.

    2. Sign in with your Facebook account (Only your first name and your profile picture will appear, nothing will appear on your profile [All confidential])

    3. Put your sex (Male - Female)

    4. Search distance (2km - 160km)

    5. Search Age Range (18 - 50+)

    6. What you want to search for (Men- Women)

    7. Then access to your profile and choose the photos you want to show (Tinder will access your Facebook photos, there you can decide)

    8. Press "Start" and you will be looking for someone to choose.

    Tinder meeting app will look for people based on the data you gave, here is when you decide, a photo of the person will appear, their name, age and number of friendships shared, there you can give an X (left) or a HEART (right), If you want to get more information, click on the image and you will see more photos, who are the mutual friends and the subjects of mutual interest.

    Tinder meeting app

    Once you achieve a combination the Chat will open - What is Tinder?

    When you give her a LIKED (heart) and she already gave you one, or gives it to you at another time, Tinder will warn you that you have achieved a Possible Couple; Spontaneously you will open a Chat with her where you can meet her or continue in search of a new couple.

    Once you have NOPE (cross) a person will not return to appear among the people with whom you can get a match, so be careful who you reject.

    Here you have the option to meet new people, make friends, a new girlfriend or just enjoy good company, but always be careful with these new networks, do not give confidential information and you have to be careful, confirm with friendships in common. 

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