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    Lily of The Desert: Health Benefits of Aloe Vera!

    Lily of The Desert: The Amazing Health Benefits of Aloe Vera! This weird looking plant took placed in many houses because of its miraculous benefits. Everyone is familiar with the common facts about this plant that it heals and help acne, sunburn, blemishes all this kind of health problems. Also for many decades, it has been used for curing the skin injuries and diseases.

    This ancient plant is also known as the lily of the desert this old plant in many found manuscripts in Egypt, China, Tibet, and Mesopotamia was famous due to its healing and medicinal properties. According to the legend reports that Alexander the great was told by Aristotle to keep the supply of Aloe Vera in order to treat the wonder soldiers.

    Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

    In ancient Egypt, the Cleopatra used this lily of the desert her daily skin treatment. Aloe Vera contains over 200 natural biological active enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, and many minerals that promote the healthy digestion, healthy immune system, and reduction of nitrate in the body.

    Apart from these astonishing proven benefits, there are some major benefits of Aloe Vera and interesting healthy diet recipes of this interesting Plant. 

    Active Antioxidant and Vitamins

    Everyone knows about the amazing facts of this plant but there is interesting active antioxidant and vitamins content only found in Aloe Vera. Anti-oxidantse.g. vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, Folic acid and choline, the enzymes like alkaline, phosphatase, and carboxypeptidase, lipase which help to break down the sugar and fat and help in reduction of excessive inflammation. 

    Sugars like glucose and fructose which contain anti-allergic properties, Minerals like copper, calcium, chromium, zinc, potassium, magnesium which helps in metabolism.

    Active Antioxidant and Vitamins

    Hormones like auxins and gibberellins which help in healing wounds and injuries and also contain anti-inflammatory properties.  It is also best medication treatment for hepatitis, asthma, osteoarthritis, stomach ulcer, fever, and itching. The chemical in Aloe Vera Acemannan helps in reducing the risk of HIV/ AIDS. 

    Skin Whitening and Anti-Aging

    High riches in vitamins like A, C, E, and beta-carotene which help nourishes the skin and cure the premature anti-aging. For males, Aloe Vera gel can be best after shaving it retain moisture to the skin. According to survey and research, Aloe Vera extract is effective natural substance for improving and retaining skin hydration which makes this lily the most useful ingredient in cosmetics.

    Also if you are worried about you dark skin tone and don’t worry it speed up the skin cell reproduction and reduces redness. If it is used with the lemon it helps lighten up the dark spot and freckles. 

    Diabetes Killer

    According to survey and research, Aloe Vera is able to reduce the chronic hyperglycemia and perturbed lipid which is common among the diabetic people and this can increase the risk of cardiovascular complications.

    In the clinicalsurvey, 75 women were under the Aloe Vera therapy was administrated to take one tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel daily for six weeks. The level of blood glucose and serum triglyceride was amazingly decreased with Aloe Vera treatment. And the effect of Aloe Vera with gel in combination with glibenclamide most commonly prescribed antibiotic caused reduction of blood glucose and serum and producing of natural insulin for the body.  That is why it is called diabetes killer. 

    Treat Constipation

    The gel in Aloe Vera is known as aloe latex which is usually taken by mouth for its laxative properties for chronic constipation. The sticky yellow residue under the plant leafs that provides and cure the benefit of constipation. The key compound which is responsible for the effect is called aloin or barbaloin which has the laxative effect on immune system.

    For Health Hair and Scalp

    Clinically proven that use of Aloe Vera on scalp increased the hair growth, also dandruff can be very frustrating and cannot be hidden. It keeps falling on your clothes and it can be caused by oily scalp, dryness or fungus infection. Aloe Vera cures dandruff by removing the excessive oil from thescalp and dead skin. 

    Aloe Vera removes the dead cells from the scalp and which prevents the hair growth. If it is used properly with castor oil it can increase the hair growth and remove the dead cell. It is best for scalp fungus due to its anti-fungal, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. And chemical conditioning may cause damage to hair and scalp if it is used before shower properly on the scalp it can strengthen and moisture the hair naturally. 

    For Weight Loss

    Aloe Vera for weight loss

    Aloe Vera with more than 200 active, mineral, enzymes and antioxidants, Aloe Vera contain natural collagen a protein that promotes to develop a muscle. So with such amazing minerals and high anti-oxidant properties with proper intake Aloe Vera juice can increase in maintain the proper health and weight loss. It cleanses the digestive system and boosts up the metabolism. Some interesting diet juice recipes:

    • Aloe Vera And Fruit Juice:
    Scoop out the pulp of Aloe Vera; Mix it with your favorite fruit juice with atablespoon of honey and ice and blend it all together.

    • Aloe Vera And Kale Smoothie:
    Scoop out the pulp of Aloe Vera; add water in ablender, kale, salt, ginger plum, and anything else you like. Blend it all together with ice and honey. Consume this smoothie few times a day for best weight loss result.

    • Aloe Vera And Porridge:
    Scoop out the pulp of Aloe Vera; cook porridge in milk and honey and add some berries on the top of it.


    There are some side effects of if the high dosage is taken. The dosage intake as per adult is 100 – 200 mg for constipation and for daily health intake. And for health weight loss aloe gel 147 mg twice daily in a capsule for eight weeks has been clinically used.

    Author bio: Jenna Burtonis working as a Senior Editor at DK magazines. In addition, students who want to buy dissertation online approach her for the superior-quality papers. She is extremely passionate about her work and always loves to share her knowledge andinsights with others.You can get connected with her on Facebook.

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