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    How to Choose the Best Types of Power Banks

    Overall, power banks are necessary to have type of charging electronic and this is true if you have portable devices such as smartphones that require charging. Power banks are portable chargers that can charge your devices wherever you go. You no longer have to settle for devices such as USB wall chargers that are stationary charging electronics that require you to leave your devices in a single place for charging.

    With that said, since power banks are growing so quickly and there are many companies on the market that have innovated with power banks; the result is that there are many types of power banks on the market now. In this article, I’ll be going over the best types of power banks that you should purchase and how they’re able to provide value to your portable charging lifestyle. Here we explained How to Choose the Best Types of Power Banks?

    1. Power banks that have their Own Cables

    Power banks that have their Own Cables

    A charging cable is necessary for every charging electronic that you use and this is true even when it comes to Wireless chargers. Although having a charging cable at all times can be the most troubling with a power bank and that’s because they’re portable.  For the most part, USB wall chargers and car chargers always have a charging cable inputted into them, but power banks usually don’t. Which is why it’s very helpful to have a power bank that has built-in cables.

    By having a built-in cable with a power bank, you’re able to always have a reliable power source with you while you’re on the go. There are even some of them that have a USB charging port that you can use with any charging cable and also built-in components of recharging such as an AC Adapter or a USB cable. Power banks that have AC Adapters are able to be USB wall chargers once they're connected into an AC Outlet.

    2. Rugged Power Banks

    Rugged Power Banks

    Power banks that are Rugged are ones that are a lot stronger than just regular power banks. That’s because these ones have structural reinforcements on their bodies that allow them to withstand drops to the ground and that means they’re shockproof. In addition to being shockproof, these power banks are also waterproof because they can have USB port coverings that are able to block out water.

    With that said, it’s important to know that different Rugged power banks have different Enclosure levels that make them withstand different levels of water exposure. One Rugged power bank may only withstand Jets of water while other power banks are able to be submerged into water.

    3. Mini Power Banks

    Mini Power Banks

    When you think of power banks you probably think of ones that are small and cylindrical or Slim. The reason for that is because Mini power banks are ones that are used the most. They have low power capacities and that allows them to use only a single battery most of the time; so they’re able to fit into a pocket or you can hold them as you charge your smartphone while you're using it.

    With all that said, these small power banks do have a weakness and it would be their lack of power. A power capacity of 3,000 mAh or 5,000 mAh is really only able to charge most smartphones to their full power only once or twice before the power bank needs a recharge.

    4. Large Power Banks

    Large Power Banks

    Power banks that are large and heavy are a lot more useful than Mini ones, although not in the aspect of portability because they are indeed larger and heavier. So they won’t be fitting into your pocket quite easily.

    With that said, for everything else, these types of power banks are ones that are very useful because they have high enough power capacities of 20,000 mAh range and beyond that are able to charge an array of devices to full power multiple times and still have power left over. Another reason that these power banks are great to have is that they use multiple USB charging ports which means that you can charge lots of devices at once

    5. Power banks on Charging Cables

    Power banks on Charging Cables

    Power banks are such as versatile charging electronic that they’re able to be implemented onto charging cables and by doing so you can simply connect the charging cable to your device and begin charging. However, these very small power banks are really meant for emergencies only because they have power capacities of 450 mAh.

    One of the best things about the cables that have power banks built-into them is that they can be used with any charging electronics. Such as USB wall chargers, car chargers and other types of charging electronics. The built-in power bank also uses other charging electronics to recharge.

    Author bio: Hey there, my name is Usman Haq. I'm a tech blogger that has been contributing online for about 5 years. The main that I love writing content is because I can provide quality to the millions of people that use the internet. Check out my website Charger Harbor to know more about what I write about. The website offers reviews for many different types of charging electronics, such as power bank reviews.

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