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    20 of The Cheapest Places To Travel For Budget Traveller

    Slowly, people are realizing that traveling the world doesn't require emptying out their coffers. Even the previously expensive destinations can now be visited with a keen eye on the budgets for some savings. We went to great lengths to bring you a list of the twenty places you can visit on a shallow pocket or simply to make savings. Some are known tourist names but they have been associated with being costly so much that people have forgotten about them yet they are very affordable.

    20 of The Cheapest Places To Travel For Budget Traveller

    1.  South Africa

    If you are looking for a combination of wild experiences coupled with good infrastructure yet at a low price, head over to South Africa. The country is a combination of forests, great highland areas, a great temperature all year round, and lots of beautiful beaches. While here, don't forget to go on Safari as it is the crown of any tourist trip in Africa. 

    2.  Mazatlan, Mexico

    Those of us who love great sea food will be in paradise once we land in this Mexican destination. Even better is knowing that each American dollar will at the moment get you about 20 Mexican pesos making a visit to this costly destination friendly to your pocket. 

    3.  Chile

    Chile is one of the locations in South America that will give you more value for your money more than any other. Besides the exchange rate being in favor of those from abroad to this country, Chile is never considered too expensive to visit even with a different currency exchange. You will be spending time in some for the most iconic areas while keeping most of your money. 

    4.  San Juan, Puerto Rico

    This Caribbean destination is one of the very best you can get out there. If you want to spend the least on your trip, pay the Caribbean region a visit during the off-peak season. That is between the end of April to the beginning of December. You will spend less on almost everything from flight fares, hotel room costs, foods, tourist attraction charges and much more. 

    5.  Morocco

    Morocco is famous for many things including the golden sands and kingly accommodation that one gets when visiting its cities. Most people have, however, kept off as they think it is expensive visiting it. The truth is that most flights from Europe cost less than $100 round trip. If you are from the United States, you will be paying less than $500 to Morocco and back. 

    6.  Crete

    This Greek island is home to some of the longest living human beings on the planet. If you visit it, you may be keen enough to realize that the foods here are on the farm-to-table model which ensures that it is eaten while still fresh and oozing with nutrients. With the Greek economy in limbo, it is your chance to visit this island for close to nothing. 

    7.  Vietnam

    Vietnam has many tourist gems that most people don't know even exist. Most people visiting Vietnam only visit the known areas but few venture into the interior to soak in all the Vietnamese culture in its totality. Hanoi has many awesome eateries to pick from all with healthy and cheap foods on the menu; Halong Bay has enough waters for great kayaking and Hoi An offers some great historical enjoyment. 

    8.  Belize

    This romantic paradise has so much on offer for very little money. The ancient world comes together with modern life in what is considered by many the most romantic destination on the planet. The foods, accommodation, transport and other costs come on the very cheap end of things. For something close to $30, you can enjoy a very sumptuous meal for two. 

    9.  Portugal

    It is common knowledge that the western part of Europe is more expensive when compared to the Eastern side. However, Portugal stands out as an exception and probably the only place in Western Europe that will not bankrupt you if you decide to fill your RV with supplies and take a trip. Portugal has enough food, museums and other fun stuff at very affordable prices that anyone can partake of. 

    10.  Costa Rica

    The level of biodiversity in Costa Rica is like nothing most people have beheld before and being there to witness this is by far the best tourist experience possible. There are many parks all with great animals to interact with. You can thus be sure that your exploration of the Costa Rican wild will be handsomely rewarded. Everything here also costs very little owing to a favorable currency exchange rate. 

    11.  Barcelona

    On most lists, you will find Barcelona up there with the likes of London and Paris in terms of experiences enjoyed. These are the cities of the world known for great fashion, architecture and other tourist destinations. However, while you can enjoy in Barcelona almost everything that you can enjoy in London and Paris, Barcelona is by far the cheapest of the major world cities. 

    12.  Ecuador

    Soak in the South American vibe in Ecuador on a budget. However, you have to practice caution with this one given that some enjoyments can be quite pricey in this country. You have to do your research even with the flights as you can have some great deals with your flights in this country. This recommendation will require looking for the best cost-saving tips when travelling

    13.  Bonaire & Curaçao

    This pair of tourist attractions are never mentioned on most platforms since few have ventured to experience them in their entirety. It may surprise many to learn that they are among the best locations for beach life with lots of privacy and local life as one would desire it to be. These Caribbean locations are best experienced with a visit to them. 

    14.  Guatemala

    On this list, you must have noticed that each destination chosen has a more expensive partner at its side. In this regard, the aim is to obtain the best value for your buck while having just as much fun or even more fun compared to the rest of the population. That's what you get when you visit Guatemala instead of her other neighbors in the south. The Mayan heritage, hotels and foods come at heavenly low prices. 

    15.  Cambodia

    Cambodia is one location that may be difficult and costly to reach but once there, you will live like a king (or queen). In a country where the average guy earns about $950 a year, expect to spend some of the lowest fees on food, accommodation and other costs. When here, keep in mind that you can support the local community through spending a few dollars with firms such as Shinta Mani Resort and Aqua Expeditions. 

    16.  Las Vegas

    What happens here will always stay here. And while the name is synonymous with gambling and high costs, there is a lot you can do and see in Las Vegas without spending millions. Catch a movie at the outdoor Container Park, pay a visit to Crown and Anchor and grab cheap sushi at Ninja Teriyaki Sushi 2 Go. Whatever you do, don't gamble.

    17.  Greece

    Owing to the struggling Greek economy, you can now have a first-hand experience of the famous Greek historical sites for much less than during other times. For a few dollars, you can even stay in premium hotels rated four stars and enjoy yourself. You can have Greek foods for as little as $10 or even lower. 

    18.  Bali

    Bali offers some of the most memorable experiences at very low prices. For just $50 per night, for example, one can spend their time at a villa while overlooking a field of rice or natural waterfront. Even for those who want to spend some more money, you can do so but still make lots of savings compared to what to pay in other nations for the same quality of service. 

    19.  San Luis Potosí, México

    This Mexican location has some of the most awesome tourist attractions you can find on the planet. There is a recreated and living garden of Eden complete with sculptures and flowers, rivers and every aspect of beauty the garden was known for. In Potosi you also get to rappel into the largest known cave shaft in the world (if you are the daring type), enjoy the natural art and everything that they come with. In the evening, enjoy some local dishes and beer for very low prices (as low as $2) and call it a day as you plan for the next day of fun. 

    20.  Albania

    While the rest of Europe wants to frisk you every penny you have to enjoy the provisions of man and nature, there are a few jewels that will allow you bask in the fun for so little and Albania is one of them. The Albanian beaches on the Mediterranean are like nothing you can find on this sea in other nations. 

    These locations can be enjoyed by anyone be they on a budget or not. The fact that they are on this list does not in any way mean that they are of a low quality. Before any name makes it to our list they are verified through rigorous quality exercises. 

    Author bio: Rana Tarakji is a business visionary and a contributing author at Stylerail a way of life blog and in addition Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.

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