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    List of Best Text Editors for Android Platform?

    Smart phones have offered feasibility, accessibility and convenience to approach multiple tasks but in many aspects, it doesn’t provide the comfort of working on desktop or notebook computer. But it is also true that Android mobile apps enables the user to read, view, edit and modify text in really handy techniques with the help of text code editors. Alike other tools and mobile apps you can get these editors on Google or play store. Where you can find millions of Android mobile apps in which some are freely available and others will cost you few dollars.The android app development services facilitate you to select the app so you’ll not get bore, have a look here; List of Best Text Editors for Android Platform?

    List of Best Text Editors for Android Platform?

    1.  DroidEdit

    It is included in the list of must have apps Android apps. It offers the ease of flexibility to the user. It combine many features like offers syntax highlighting for multiple languages including C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, Python, Ruby, JavaScript etc. You can redo, undo, search and replace text. It can also block and auto indentation, character encoding support, ability to preview HTML files in web browser and change between sessions.

    2.  Jota Text Editor

    It is much featured text editor that supports millions of characters and works well while writing code. The user can adjust search, edit, view, toolbar, file, input and theme setting under tab preferences. User will be able to add customized shortcuts too.

    3.  ColorNote

    It is one of the best known text editors. It offers two sets of editing text one is check list and other is normal text. You will be able to create note according to given calendar in the app. you can even synchronize all the offline notes with online Google mail, one drive, Facebook etc. accounts.

    4.  Light paper

    It has useful features but number of options is less. It is freely available but upgrading this tool can cost you few dollars. You can create notes and save it on several cloud storage like Dropbox. You can save and post your blogs on WordPress, tumblr etc. 

    5.  Simple notepad

    Simple notepad is the best option with minimum features because you’ll get to have maximum experience. Simple text editor would be a great option for android mobile phones. Except this you can also create folders to make and maintain notes separately like import & export notes and check list, encode & decode files, set reminder, etc.

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