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    6 Ways Hemp Will Change The World

    Seeing the current scenario, it won’t be wrong to say hemp is the plant of the future. Making the utmost use of the hemp, it is capable of providing us with everyday living essentials. This will let other natural resources to refill, but unfortunately, the resources available on our planet are on a decline. 

    6 Ways Hemp Will Change The World

    Since hemp has been declared illegal in some parts of the US, it cannot be used extensively. People were also given the wrong information that it contains THC, a chemical that contains psychoactive properties. Well, various tests have proved that there is no inclusion of THC in hemp. If more and more people understand this fact, hemp can be easily grown everywhere and can be used in beneficial ways. Let us get to know how hemp can change the world. 

    Paper Products 

    The best thing about hemp is that it regenerates in a matter of months, it can easily grow quickly, looks like a perfect ingredient for making paper products. Trees are also considered a helpful source in making paper products but it takes more than 30 years to be ready to harvest, on the other hand, hemp is ready to use. Moreover, we don’t need to cut the trees when we have hemp as a better alternative. 

    Paper made using hemp doesn’t get stiff and yellow as hemp is naturally acid-free. Not many people are aware of the fact that the original declaration of the independence was written on hemp paper. Moreover, hemp can also be recycled up to six times, on the other hand, wood pulp paper can only be recycled three times only. It has a downside as well; it adds harmful toxic pollution to the air & water as well. There is no need to bleach hemp paper with chlorine, you can use hydrogen peroxide to whiten it and moreover it is safe for both the water and air. 

    Building Materials 

    Building Materials

    I know we all consider metals, rubber, glass, and rubber as the finest materials for home building, but hemp is a far more superior alternative. The main advantage of hemp is that it can be easily turned into supplies such as stucco, hempcrete, carpet, plastic, insulation, and drywalls. Homes built using hemp are also durable. Building materials made from hemp have various advantages
    • Eco-friendly. 
    • Mold resistant. 
    • Pest free. 
    • Won't rot. 
    • Fire resistant. 
    • Non-toxic.

    Plastic Materials 

    It is rightly said that the world runs on plastic. But, since it is made using one of the harmful chemicals – Bisphenol, they are considered poisonous. On the positive side, if your plastic products are made of hemp, you don’t have to worry about plastic toxins or having them recycled. Hemp plastics are biodegradable, now this means you can just toss them into your compost pile, so that it decays back in the earth. 

    Fabric Materials

    We all know that fabrics are really important for making shoes, carpets, clothing, bags, beddings, curtains, and shoes. Alas, cotton is being used for making most of our fabrics. If you have to plant hemp, do you know there is less land requirement. If we calculate, hemp only needs an acre of land to produce the same amount of material in a 3-acre cotton field. 

    Fabrics made out of hemp can easily last for several years, moreover it also warmer than the cotton made fabrics. 

    Fuels For Vehicles 

    Fuels For Vehicles

    There are two ways in which hemp can be made into fuel – the oil pressed from hemp seed can be turned into biodiesel or the fermented stalks can be turned into methanol and ethanol. One of the good things about biodiesel is that it is fully biodegradable and a cleaner fuel for the atmosphere. 

    When you burn hempseed biodiesel, even the produced exhaust tends to have a pleasant smell. At the moment, it cannot be said that hemp is a potential alternative to the fuel, hemp fuel can be used for a limited time only because it can be used in the existing vehicles without making any modifications. 


    Hemp is not only beneficial for the environment, but it is good for the human body as well. Hemps seeds are known as the most nutritious seeds. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals required by the human body including – dietary fiber, magnesium, potassium. In addition, these seeds also contain healthy amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids.

    With 25% of protein content, hemp seeds are also rich in protein as well. Since, the seeds do not contain phytic acid, so the body will be utilizing and absorbing all the goodness that the seeds have to offer. The nutty taste of the hemp seeds is also good; it can be used to sprinkle over the salads and various other food products. 

    Author bio: Emma Brown is an extensive and experienced web-writer. I help people to have the most informative and appealing online presence. Content writing is my passion and Scaling Expectations is my basic motto, I live up to. I am a Mass Communication post graduate and written several article for sites like meliopharm.

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