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    Most Useful Android Apps That You Should Download

    Though there are many useful android apps, but some of them are the best. We have compiled a list of some of the best Android apps for you, have a look and download any of them you like the most:

    1.  Citymapper


    Interesting apps for android? One of the best and most useful android apps include Citymapper. It is basically an urban transport app which is designed for people to navigate cities. It includes a real-time data on disruptions and traffic to public transport, A to B journey planner and maps. The location that it covers include London, Birmingham, Manchester, Melbourne, New York City, Copenhagen, Mexico City, Hong Kong, and a great range of international cities. It has been awarded with many accolades including Special Prize Winner - Tokyo Metro Competition in 2015, Best Overall Mobile App (Mobile World Congress, Barcelona / GSMA in 2014, Grand Prize Winner - MTA New York City App Quest in 2013, and Apple's 2014 and 2013 Apps of the Year. 

    2.  Prisma


    Android cool apps? Do you want to be an artist overnight? If yes, then you should download Prisma. Prisma turns all your everyday photographs into an art by using machine learning techniques smartly to add more advanced filters. It is more like an intricate Instagram. What it really does is that it transforms all your videos and photos into the works of art by using the styles of famous artists including Picasso, Levitan, Van Gogh and well-reputed and world famous patterns and ornaments. It is basically a unique combination of artificial intelligence and neural networks to make you turn all your memorable pictures into fine pieces of art.
    So go for it.

    3.  Dropbox


    One of the other best android apps that you should download right now include Dropbox. The drop box provides you an opportunity to back up all your photos, videos, documents as well as other files so that you can find them easily whenever you want. These files that you have created on your phone in the cloud are accessible easily from any device, no matter what the device is. Dropbox is also used to send large files without attaching them in the email and also edit all the Microsoft Office files from your tablet or phone. 

    4.  Fitonomy


    Cool android apps? One of the other apps that you should download right now include Fitonomy. It is a health and fitness app that not only offer workouts, but also articles and healthy recipes to inform and inspire. The exercises and workouts that this app mainly focus on, can be done at outdoor as well as at home with less equipment, so that you don't have to go to the gym. You can pick a plenty of basic workout courses without spending a single penny. These courses can provide you a guided workout throughout the day. Not only this, you can also view animators of each and every exercise within the app. These animators are divided into the categories on the basis of the body parts that they exercise. It is very useful to learn new exercises. New android apps? Each animation uses a 3D model that you can rotate and zoom into, to give you a clearer look at the exercise than any other video or app would. If you want to use Fitonomy to its fullest, you have to subscribe to its premium plans. The cost varies from plan to plan, and your time of commitment, but it starts at $4.99/£4.49 per month.

    5.  Endless Reader


    Best new apps for android? It aims to support children who are young and lively to learn in a hands-on, fun way so that they can make the most of what they have learnt. Interesting android apps? It is far more advanced than the Endless Alphabet. It helps children to read some basic words and sentences by making them drag letters into a correct, appropriate position to generate words. These words are then dragged to make sentences, and all the words, sentences, and letters are always vocalized when they tap on. As sentences and words are built, a person is rewarded with a variety of cute animations which feature colorful creatures, trying to captivate the attention of the little minds in terms of education and making learning a fun-filled activity for them. You can get it free access to a handful of words, but as soon as you hit a paywall, with new words that cover three difficulty levels as well as entire alphabet, it will cost you between $5.99/£5.49 for around twenty five more words and $29.99/£28.49 for all three hundred and fifteen extra words. This is one of the best new android apps.

    Author bio: Abbie Laura is a very reputable content writer and she usually writes about technology and business. She also offers his services to those students who are willing to seek her writing services to complete their Assignment Help UK | AssignmentEmpire.

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