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    MICE Tourism - India is a Hot Spot

    MICE is the latest buzzword of the tourism industry. Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry in India and abroad. It caters to the business traveler.

    For avid business doers, a string of meetings, conferences, and boardroom presentations can create a monotonous existence. It becomes like all work and no play making businesspeople dull boys and girls.

    MICE tourism in India ushers in excitement in business meets and trades. It adds an element of pleasure to the serious stuff of doing business. So, you can conduct your important client meeting, but do that in plush ambience or amidst natural scenery or with world class monument at the backdrop. This does changes the business picture for the better.

    MICE Tourism - India is a Hot Spot

    India – one of the hottest MICE destinations

    The country’s interesting mix of cultures, rich heritage, natural beauty, and warm hospitality attracts tourists from far off places. Most of them are leisure tourists that come here to holiday. However, with the development of infrastructure, modern tour packages, and top class hotels, India now attracts the business crowd too. It is not wrong to say that India rubs shoulders with hot MICE spots like Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Dubai.

    India offers a myriad of things to see and enjoy, such as beautiful beaches, pristine snowy peaks, exotic wildlife, intriguing rainforests, majestic deserts that harbor exotic spots, World Heritage Sites, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, historically rich cities, pilgrim spots, and more. You can find traditional India woven with modern India, making it a fascinating place to visit. In almost every city, you can find two contrasting “Indias.”

    India is an experience, not just a destination

    This Asian land, which gave the world the valuable “zero,” harbors almost everything that a traveler wants to experience. The country offers a complete holiday that rejuvenates a traveler physically, mentally, and spirituality. Movies like “Eat, Pray, Love” have made the Indian scene even more popular.

    Seeking Godliness? Come to India. Seeking business opportunities? Come to India. Seeking a perfect holiday wrapped in luxury or adventure? Come to India. Seeking a fine mix of business and pleasure? Again, it’s India!

    The sophisticated chain of hotels and resorts that cater to international standards play a vital role in accentuating India’s image as a preferred MICE spot. Ministry of Tourism is now serious in upgrading MICE facilities throughout the country so that business travelers can enrich themselves with a fine experience of a business trip.

    The ultimate experience in luxury through trains

    Luxury trains provide a perfect platform for business people to meet. The trains feature spacious lounges and dining cars that can serve as a great meeting spot for like-minded people.

    Top luxury trains like the Maharajas Express provide well planned tours across important tourist destinations of India. The tours feature sophisticated accommodations off board, plus fine dining.

    According to a report, business travelers spend about 4-8 times more on food and other services than a typical leisure traveler. They want to impress their clients. Most of the business stalwarts are habitual of spending lavishly while traveling on business. So, MICE tourism certainly holds a lot of promise for a country.

    Luxury trains are the icing on the cake in this segment of tourism. With personal butlers on board the train and guided tours off board, travelers get a first-hand experience of local flavors, colors, and languages. The opulently decorated trains with their well trained staff pose as the perfect “host” for people who mean business.

    India is on the MICE map thanks to the changing travel scene in the country. MICE tourism in India is witnessing an upward curve.

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