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    How to Use Hemp Seed Oil Benefits for Skin?

    Well, it seems that there are some outstanding claims about the benefits of hemp oil: highest amino acid variety, best key fatty acids (EFAs) ratio and combination, sole plant source of Vitamin D, and most unsaturated oil.

    Now, before I go ahead, let me first address the burning question, “Will help oil make me high?” No, it won’t as simple as that. If I talk about the extraction of the hemp oil, then it is pressed from the seed of the hemp plant, most importantly the seed does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is a psychoactive component in Marijuana.

    How to Use Hemp Seed Oil Benefits for Skin?

    This is the reason most of the producers of the hemp oil provide transparent certificates just to assure the buyers that their products do not contain THC content. Test Pledge is one important resource, wherein both the producers and processors of the hemp oil have to commission THC tests on each lot of hemp-related products, performed by a recognized laboratory.

    Why Choose Hemp Oil?

    Hemp seed oil for skin? One of the important things of Hemp oil is that it contains unrivaled essential fatty acids (ESAs). As you might be knowing that there are good fats and bad fats. The only thing that makes good fat good is the fact that it has a relation with the essential fatty acids, mainly Omega- 3 and Omega- 6 and these both acids are there in the hemp oil in an apt ratio i.e. 1:3.

    In addition, the CBD oil also contains anti-inflammatory GLA (gamma linoleic acid) along with Omega- 9. The fatty acid profile of the hemp oil is far superior to the fish oil’s and also far superior to flaxseed oil’s as well. Among other benefits, these essential fatty acids give you shiny & stronger hair and elastic skin.  

    Adding on to the qualities of the hemp oil, it contains a long list of additional nutrients including – potassium, vitamin B5, magnesium, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B3 a.k.a. niacin, copper, vitamin B9 a.k.a. folate, vitamin B1 a.k.a. thiamin, and vitamin D. 

    In addition, it also includes a useful dose of vitamin E a.k.a. tocopherols as well as ten amino acids helping in building protein. Making the list more populated, there are chlorophyll (a reason why it is green), magnesium, potassium, phytosterols, magnesium, iron, sulfur, zinc, phospholipids, and phosphorous. 

    Hemp oil is very non-comedogenic, in other words, it can be said that it does not clog the pores. Since its lipids mirror the lipids that our skin produces naturally, it works together to cleanse and soothe our body. Linoleic acid is produced from the healthy skin and if the skin is not able to produce linoleic acid, then it produces oleic acid (a thick & sticky pore blocker instead. Good Linoleic acid is present in CBD hemp oil. 

    The oil is considered a natural humectant; this means it is effective in drawing moisture into the skin. Most of the less-effective oils tend to sit on the top of the skin, but this oil easily penetrates the skin, ending up moisturizing between the cells and also strengthening the cell matrix. Moreover, it also reaches the roots of the hair, offering strength to the scalp and reducing dry flaking or dandruff. It is really helpful in reducing the blotchiness and evens out the skin tone as well.

    Top 7 Ways to Use Hemp Seed Oil Benefits for Skin?

    It won’t be wrong to say Hemp oil is inexpensive, mainly when it really helps you in replacing – makeup to cover problematic areas, makeup removers, and acne treatments, for instance. Let me discuss some of the best ways you can use this oil in your daily hair and skin care routines. Here we explained that top 7 ways to use hemp seed oil benefits for skin.

    1.  Steam Facial Skin

    Take not more than a tablespoon of oil onto your cleansed and dry face, massage it for couple of minutes. Make sure you lay not so hot damp cloth on your face and keep it there till the time it cools off. Wipe your face slowly using the cloth. You need to repeat the process using another hot cloth, do it repeatedly till the time the oil is not completely wiped off. If you want to wash your face, then you can (optional). 

    2.  Removing Makeup

    Oil follows, ‘like dissolves like’ rule, this means that the oil will dissolve both the makeup and oils in the makeup. Now, slowly rub the oil into the makeup and wipe it using a soft tissue or a piece of cotton.  

    3.  Mask Overnight

    The oil should be applied on the cleansed facial skin before you go to bed. 

    4.  Strengthen The Nails And Heal Cuticles

    Make sure you have applied small amount of hemp oil, directly, into the nails and the cuticles – ideal for both toenails and fingernails. 

    5.  Reduce Acne

    Yes, you have read that right. You need to gently massage the oil at the problem areas for couple of minutes. The oil will help in drawing out the sebum plugs responsible for cysts, blackheads, and whiteheads. Make sure you do this on a regular basis.

    6.  Condition Hair

    Prior to shampooing, using again only a tablespoon of hemp oil, massage your scalp and wait for about ten minutes. Now, you can shampoo as usual.

    7.  Relieve Dry Skin

    The oil should be applied directly on the dry and cracked skin. In order to have deep conditioning of both hands and feet, make sure you have massaged the oil and then wear the socks or you can also choose to wear gloves overnight to let the oil do what it does the best. 

    Author bio: Emma Brown is an extensive and experienced web-writer. I help people to have the most informative and appealing online presence. Content writing is my passion and Scaling Expectations is my basic motto, I live up to. I am a Mass Communication post graduate and written several article for sites like meliopharm.

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