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    How to Root and Unroot Android Phone without PC

    How to Root and Unroot Android Phone without PC? Rooting an Android phone is allowing Smartphone and Tablet users to access features offering privileges that were previously inaccessible hence the name Super User Law. This action has many advantages and disadvantages for the one who knows how to do it; In this tutorial we will also talk about how to unroot Android phone ie how to cancel, or remove the root on his Android phone.

    Why root his Android phone?

    How to Root and Unroot Android Phone? Your Android phone probably works very well and it is important to ask the question: what will the root of an Android phone actually serve us? Here are some details of what you can do with your smartphone once rooted.
    • Uninstall unnecessary applications installed by the brand or operator
    • Back up and restore your applications
    • Install newer versions of Android and change ROM
    • Improve Your Mobile Performance

    Rooting Android phone:

    Warning: The operation described below is safe, but remains informal. Consequently, the author of this article can be held responsible for any damage caused to your device.

    How to Root an Android Phone? To find out if your phone is already rooted, simply download Root Checker from  Google Play Store  and launch the application and click  CHECK ROOT . In this little tutorial, we will show you how to root your phone without using a computer (PC) using the KingRoot application which will allow you to do it with a click. You can download the application by going to the official website where then clicking directly on the button below:

    Since the app has not been downloaded to the Play Store, be sure to install it before your phone allows unknown source applications.
    You can do this by
    • Go to "Settings> Security> check the" Unknown sources "box.

    Steps to root with KingRoot:

    • Install the KingRoot application
    • Activate your internet connection
    • Launch the application
    • Press the blue button that appears
    Steps to root with KingRoot

    • Once the process is 100%, click on
    • Close the (app) application and restart your smartphone
    • After restarting, check to see if KingUser App is among the list of applications installed on your smartphone; If so, your mobile has been root. 

    How to Unroot an Android Phone:

    Canceling, deleting or removing the root from your Android smartphone may be necessary because you have not been seduced by the possibilities offered by the root, resell it or when you have to bring your smartphone back to the after sales service for a question The validity of the guarantee.

    Un-rooting its own Android phone:

    There are several ways to remove root on your smartphone, such as reinstalling your firmware or using a flash on your smartphone. In this tutorial, we will instead use two other simple methods that always result in the same result.

    Two methods to remove root:

    Method 1: Remove the root with SuperSU

    SuperSU is a fairly interesting tool to better manage devices that have been rooted. Its features are multiple and among which, one finds one that allows to cancel the root. To do this, simply download the application to your Play Store and install it. Once this is done, you will only have to follow the following steps:
    • Launch the application
    • Go to Settings
    • Select "Full Unroot"
    Remove the root with SuperSU

    Confirm with Continue. After the operation is complete, you can restart your smartphone. You just dropped your phone. You can now uninstall the SuperSU application as much as it will no longer be useful.

    Method 2: Manually remove root through your file manager

    We used here the file manager ES File Explore that you can also download on Play Store . Once the download and installation is complete, you will only have to follow the following steps:
    • Open File Manager , ES File Explorer
    Manually remove root through your file manager
    • Navigate to   / system / bin /
    • Delete the file su  
    • Navigate to  / system / xbin /
    • Delete the file known here as   
    • Navigate to / system / app / 
    • Delete Superuser.apk , or any other super user application use by your android to assign ROOT access, ex: com.kingroot.kinguser.apk .  
    • Restart your android device.
    • You just dropped your Android manually.
    • You can now root and roll your Android phone in peace and quiet in a simple and effective way.

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