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    How Contemporary World History in Context of Technology

    Technology has played a crucial role in improving the quality of life by providing us better options of life and effectual resources.

    Technological advancement has played a vital role in modifying our lives. Meaning of contemporary? In primitive times, life was simple with no competition and advancement.  Millions of people have succumbed to various chronic and lethal diseases. Technology has not only given us an improved health care system but enabled us to develop preventive measures. Different points are discussed in this article to compare primitive and contemporary world history in the context of technology. 

    Compare and contrast primitive era with contemporary world in context of technology?

    1. Improved Health Care System

    How Contemporary World History in Context of Technology

    Various diseases such as TB, cancer, typhoid, malaria and many other have engulfed so many lives. Mythological treatment methods had been used for curing chronic diseases. Mentally challenged individuals had to go through an awful treatment of exorcism. These painful treatments have destroyed many people on the name of treatment. Advanced technology has helped a lot in medical world and gave us an improved and efficient health system with enhanced quality of life. Cost effective treatments are available which ensure people with healthy lives. Diagnostics have advanced to magnanimous proportion and made possible to detect the diseases and their causes. This wasn’t possible in primitive times.

    2. Expedient Communication and Transportation

    Communication and transportation are the most distinguished developments of the technology. In primitive time, people had travel or wait for months to communicate with loved ones. Communication has been evolved from pigeons to emails, phone calls and different social networking websites. On the other hand, technology has rendered services in making the transportation system more fast and convenient as compared to primeval times, where people had to rely on animals. The travelling distance and time has shortened phenomenally due to invention of cars and air planes.

    3. Better Employment Options

    Better Employment Options
    Technology has empowered us with knowledge and skills which give us chances of being employed. There is advancement in the world of business, ownership, trade and commerce and people have infinite options to get better jobs. The people of primitive era had no resources available and their skills remained suppressed and latent. 

    4. Energy Resources

    Unlike old times, now people can work from day into the night. This was made possible by the invention of light bulb and now our nights are well lit, just like days. Travelling at night has also become possible because of this magnificent invention. Students can study at night and have access to different electronic devices which wasn’t possible for the people living in the past. This energy sources has enabled us to develop our industries to phenomenal proportions. Building skyscrapers and solid residential structures was only made possible after the advent of technology and development of machinery. 

    Contemporary meaning? These are some of the ways technology has changed our lives and we have improved quality of life as compared to primitive and contemporary world history. Technology has conferred us with innumerable blessings. It is the technology which helped nations to become developed. Technology has enabled us defeat chronic diseases and has helped people to fight with ignorance. Technology has played a vital part in making us intellectual, talented and educated. Technology is the best tool which has helped in eradicating the miseries of humanity. 

    Author’s Bio: The writer of this article is a Software Engineer, an Entrepreneur and a writer associated with Write My Essay - Customassignment.com who writes on different topics related to academics and the latest technological discoveries. 

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