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    Colored Wedding Dresses with Colors Ideas for Summer

    Are you thinking of making a stunning style statement on your wedding? Obviously, this is the biggest day of your life. It is the time when you will be the centre of attention. And also, the added advantage of getting married is that being the bride you get the chance to boss around. Yes, this is the chance when you can make your best girls following you everywhere. In fact, the friend who hates shopping will also be compelled to follow you to the designer store and give inputs when you will be trying a dozen of dresses to find “the one.” 

    Colored Wedding Dresses

    Well, apart from putting up with your tantrums, these dear girlfriends of yours will be adding up to the glamour of the colored wedding dresses and will be the most trusted companions around you when you will be exchanging vows with the love of your life. So, don’t you think you need to choose the best summer bridesmaid dresses for them? 

    Wedding ideas for summer? Enough of those clone-like flimsy dresses. Every time any would-be bride walks into my store for purchasing wedding dresses, she asks me to design the same dress for all her bridesmaids too. So, before tailoring dresses for your bridesmaids, how about knowing the happy hues that are popular this wedding season? Take a look at the following trends to know more about the happy wedding colors that I am talking about.

    3 Happy Summer Hues of Bridesmaid Dresses That Are Doing Rounds This Season

    Striking Red:

    Summer wedding colors

    Summer wedding colors? Red is the colour of boldness and passion. Red is also the colour of expression. Let your bridesmaid deck up in this stunning red. Red bridesmaid dresses? Thinking of making a difference from the clone-like dresses? Choose different shades of red bridesmaid dresses according to the personality of the girls. Cherry red to bright scarlet, fiery red to flirty wine red, you can add all of these colours in your wedding color palette. In fact, when you are choosing this bright hue, it will give a sharp contrast to your white or blush wedding gown. A perfect recipe to make your wedding pictures perfect, this trend you should look out for.

    Subdued Charm of Neutral Shades:

    Wedding colors for summer? If you are not really sure whether your best girls will like the splash of colours or not, then playing safe is your only option. Are you thinking of bringing out the elegance from them? Then opt for the neutral shades. They are subdued, sophisticated and graceful. Most suitable for lace or chiffon, these hues can surely make your brides look gorgeous in the most elegant way.

    Magical Blue:

    Royal Blue Wedding Dresses

    Blue wedding dress? Blue is one of those rare shades that can play any role. It can be fun and flirty, it can be swanky and stylish, or it can be royal and sophisticated. If you are thinking of decking your royal blue bridesmaid dresses in a colour that will not only make them look glamorous, but you will also be praised for your amazing choice, then blue is the hue that you should choose. Oceanic blue, royal blue wedding dresses or flirty sky blue, light blue wedding dress opt for any one of these colours or play with them all to create a mismatched trend.

    So, now as you know about the hues that you can choose, what are you waiting for? Find the best shop and place your order. Thank me later!

    Author Bio: Jane Wang  is a famous fashion blogger and designer. She has specialised in designing wedding dresses. Read her blogs to know about red bridesmaid dresses. 

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