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    Recall Your Child that Technology is a Privilege, Not a Right

    What is the meaning of the right?  

    Right means to give the advantage or grant something. 

    From several years, everyone is debating on the same topic that whether internet access is a fundamental good or just a privilege? 

    Most of the people still say that the web is a waste of time, and we are too much used to of it. In somehow it is also true, but on the same way the internet is also a powerful tool that helps in a lot of ways.

    Recall Your Child that Technology is a Privilege, Not a Right

    In this article, parents would be able to learn that how can they explain their kids to make them understand that if they have provided them the facility of the internet, then it’s a privilege, not their right. This is too much important to explain them this point because if kids will take these as a right then in future it will be harder for them to end their privilege and will go against the setup rules. 

    The parents of this world are the “Digital Parents”. For practicing that digital parenting, there should be some rules that set up by the parents to make them understandable the positive and negative way of using the internet human right. There cannot be the hard and fast rules. Those rules can vary person to person and situation to situation. But the open conversation should also be there between parents and children regarding their activities and exploring the internet. 

    Is internet access a human right? Explain the most important point that the rules set up by the parents are to be abided by the kids. If ever they break the rules, parents will, there and then, remove the internet privilege for them. It’s not only to save the children at that particular time also for the question of the whole life for the children. So the Parents should set clear boundaries for their children, what they can do and whatever they cannot do while using the internet. 

    Using any child technology? i.e. internet, mobile phones, computers or any other technology is not the right of the children, these are the only privilege. Whenever they abuse their privilege, there will be consequences. 

    Now the question is, from where the parents will start their boundaries? What type of rules can be set by them?

    Social Media:

    Facebook, Twitter, Mail and text messaging will be on the top of the list, which parents should discuss with the kids and to set the rules and boundaries for those. Social Media platform is getting bigger and bigger on the monthly basis. The new application and platforms access by the children first before their parents. When parents come across that new app till then kids had understood and used all of the parts of that application and if that is not a real application, damages can occur. 

    Kids should be truthful and clear when expressive to their parents what software they use and who they connect with. This will save a lot of confusion and frustration down the line in case the child's devices are being monitored.

    Author Bio: Aline Carrara is an active contributor on the subject of social media and currently working as content analyst and senior editor at TheOneSpy Cell Phone Spy Software Blog.  She love taking on latest trends and social media privacies for children.

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