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    Best Online Payment Gateways & Secure Processing Services

    Modern people should know the Best Online Payment Gateways and Secure Processing Services.  Web development and technical field have recorded a boost from last decade, as the time is passing the technical era is growing to make the things possible in a click, things became simple, from booking a ticket to buying a car, you just need to have internet access with your devices like desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone.

    Best Online Payment Gateways and Secure Processing Services

    The custom web development companies are putting their imagination into reality with developing. This is recorded as the main reason behind the boost in e-commerce and online marketing. 

    Now things are becoming as responsive as you can get it on the small screen of your smartphone. You can select anything from the online market apps and pay for it using several payment gateways, from anywhere in the globe while sitting on your favorite sofa. 

    A payment gateway accesses your credit card with your online store to accept payments from customers. Payment gateways cost you money and have mandatory charges per transaction. There are multiple options to select from. Choosing a right payment gateway can help you save money and keep your business safe, secure and smooth. Once you select your payment gateway, integrating into a website is just a click away. 

    Selecting a payment gateway:

    Payment gateways process credit card's info by sending data to the gateways web server. Which makes the sale and sends a confirmation back to the website. 

    Check your web host, it may provide payment gateway services, check your admin page or control panel to see the payment gateway options.

    Availability of options:

    There are many types of payment gateway, and they are different and bit confusing too. Your shopping cart software also have payment gateways options, it has a list of compatible payment gateways, some of the most widely known payment gateways are:
    • PayPal
    • Payza
    • Perfect Money
    • Egopay
    • SecurePay
    • Authorize.net
    • Verify
    • Braintree
    Check out the fee and charges terms applicable for the services. Payment gateways typically charge you a small amount of fee, per transaction processed or on monthly basis. Compare all services and select which meets your need best. 

    Pick an external or a direct gateway, external gateways send your request to another website and direct gateways process your request directly within your store. Choosing a direct gateway is professional as well as secure. 

    Then sign up for a merchant account to make the transactions possible. It could be a login name and password, which you need to provide to the online store. 

    After that, you need to set up your web shop, add the payment method you want to opt and test the gateway. 

    Simply, it's a process to integrate payment gateways in the website

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