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    Important Tips to Avoid Wedding Day Disasters


    In India, Winters come along with the wedding season that means lots of fun, entertainment, a pinch of tradition sprinkled with emotions and colorful celebration. Planning the wedding in your style, decorating the venue with flowers, centerpieces, printing traditional wedding cards according to the theme, colorful apparels, wedding day jewelers, wedding day diamonds, gifts, etc. The wedding is the most beautiful part of couple's life, and the magical wedding evening adds joy not only in the couple's life but also their family, friends and relative's life. You should know that important tips to avoid Wedding Day Disasters. But in winters, certain problems can create disasters on your marriage celebration, so here we are listing down some common issues that can take place:

    Weather effect

    If you have booked your venue in an open area, then winters can affect your celebration severely. There might be chances of guests being late, or many can skip too. Some guest like children, senior citizens or guests living far from the city can also skip the wedding due to delay in trains and flight cancellation. If the evening is foggy and harsh, then there might be chances of your guests coming late. Before scheduling the wedding, you can look for the other options in which weather would seem to be pleasant. Otherwise, you can also plan the wedding in the indoor venue.

    Unexpected ill

    In winters, due to too much cold, you can get sick or infected by viral, so you need to keep your immune system strong. If you don't want to suffer, cold, cough & fever then you should wear woolens or warm clothes to protect yourself. You can also consult a doctor to prevent from the weather, or you can follow your granny's tips like drinking hot soup, tea, and coffee.

    Cover whole skin

    Bride's to be, be ready for the wedding celebration. Of course, you want to flaunt your style & look glamourous, but if winters hit you, then your dream of wearing a backless blouse and sleeveless wedding gowns can make your body shiver and spoil the precious moments. So, you should wear stylish apparels but, with the skin cover. It can make you look beautiful as well as save you from chilly, breezy winds.

    Keep your skin moisturized

    Winters can damage your skin; you may protect you from fallen ill, but what about your skin? Do you want to stand in a wedding with dry skin, rashes & wrinkles? No, then you should keep your skin moisturized, balanced pH level and keep your body hydrated, so your skin can keep glowing flawlessly.

    You should book your wedding venue in advance because it will save you from extra splurges and you will offer a variety of options to choose.    

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